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Klaviyo deliverability: Why it's low & not working?

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    Have you ever thought about why some emails seem to vanish into the void while others land in the inbox without trouble? Getting your message straight into the inbox of your target can revolutionize the busy field of email marketing. Now enter Klaviyo, a top email marketing tool meant to simplify this procedure for innumerable companies. When your emails fall short of their intended destinations, though, what happens?

    Email deliverability is more than just email delivery; it’s a critical determinant of whether your digital marketing initiatives either totally miss or meet expectations. It influences general sales performance as well as client interaction. Recent research reveals a general difficulty across businesses as almost 20% of legitimate emails disappear into spam folders or blocked outright.

    In this introduction to Klaviyo and the essential world of email deliverability, we will discuss why even the best-crafted emails might fail to reach their destination and how you might turn this around to guarantee your marketing messages are seen and heard. Let’s explore email deliverability’s physics and prepare you to grasp its influence on your marketing performance more broadly.

    What is email deliverability?

    The test of your capacity to effectively send emails to the inboxes of your receivers is email deliverability. It’s not only about if your email arrived at the target destination without getting buried in the spam folder or blocked by email providers—it’s about whether it was delivered. Learning deliverability will help your marketing communications be more likely to be noticed, read, and used.

    Critical Factors Influencing Email Deliverability

    • Sender reputation tells email providers the reliability of your email traffic, same as a credit score does. Factors include content quality, sending frequency, and degrees of engagement help to define it. This helps big companies like Gmail and Outlook determine whether emails should find their way into spam bins or inboxes.
    • Regularly opened, read, and interacted-with emails help to improve your sender profile. High engagement indicates email service providers (ESPs) that recipients value your material, therefore increasing the possibility of effective delivery.
    • Keeping a clean email list is absolutely vital. Lists include obsolete, defunct, or regularly bouncing addresses can damage your reputation. Maintaining good status depends critically on regular clean-up and making sure every subscriber has opted in.
    • Content Quality. The spam status of your email may be influenced by its relevance and appeal. Clear, interesting material free of common spam will help to guarantee that your emails are received.
    • Infrastructure. Verification of email integrity and source comes from SPF, DKIM, and DMARC. Correct arrangement of these parameters guarantees ESPs of the validity of your emails, so preventing their being labeled as phishing or spam attempts.

    Common issues affecting Klaviyo deliverability

    klaviyo deliverability

    1. IP Address Reputation

    • Using a shared IP can imply that the behavior of people using the same IP affect your deliverability; a dedicated IP gives you control over your own reputation.
    • A bad IP reputation might cause emails to be filtered into spam folders or prohibited, therefore greatly reducing reach and interaction.

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    2. List Quality and Management

    • Maintaining a clean list guarantees that your emails reach active and involved users, therefore lowering the danger of bounces and spam complaints.
    • Neglecting your sender reputation by high bounce rates and frequent spam complaints could cause ISPs to censor more of your emails.

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    3. Content filters

    • Certain terms, too many links, or even specific formatting may set off spam filters, flaging your emails as spam.
    • Using interesting, pertinent material and following best standards in email design and content generation will help you to avoid spam filters

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    4. Authentication Protocols

    • These protocols, SPF, DKim, and DMARC, confirm that the sender of the emails is valid and permitted to send emails from the domain, therefore helping to guard against phishing and spoofing.
    • Setting up in Klaviyo includes adding records to your DNS settings. Klaviyo offers instructions on how to correctly set every protocol so that your emails are authorized, therefore enhancing deliverability.

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    Metric accuracy and reliability

    Though they have significant accuracy issues, open rates have long been a popular indicator of email advertising effectiveness. Email clients that either do not load images by default or automatically open emails might distort the way open rates are tracked—usually through an invisible image that loads when the email is opened. This can result in shockingly either high or low open rate numbers.

    Complicating matters even more, the growing emphasis on privacy and data protection has resulted in more users and email providers using technology with limited tracking capability. This change affects the dependability of open rate data since these technologies can stop email tracking pixels from firing, hence underreporting open rates.

    Klaviyo offers a more thorough examination of email performance to help with these difficulties. To present a more complete view of how emails are performing, Klaviyo combines other metrics such click-through rates, conversion rates, and general engagement in place of just open rates. This method encourages marketers to look beyond open rates and take into account a wider range of data, therefore guiding their more educated judgments. This helps companies create more successful plans and create material that appeals to their target market, therefore enhancing the marketing results.

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    Strategies to improve Klaviyo deliverability

    Enhancing email deliverability in Klaviyo calls for a combination of best practices that guarantee your marketing messages regularly find their target inboxes. Here are some practical tactics:

    Constant List Cleaning

    Deliverability depends on your email list being kept clean. Remove unengaged members often; fix or delete faulty email addresses; control bounce rates. This raises your sender reputation as well as the general success of your efforts.

    Separation and Customization

    Emailing your audience specifically for their interests and requirements will help to greatly increase engagement. To produce more relevant and customized communications, split your audience depending on behavior, demographics, and purchase history with Klaviyo’s segmentation capabilities. Higher open and click-through rates produced by this focused strategy indicate to email providers that your messages are important to receivers.

    Strategy for Engagement

    Improvement of user engagement begins with interesting material. Using clear calls to action, interesting subject lines, and interactive content, inspire your readers to connect with your emails. Better user engagement resulting from regular testing and element optimization will be a welcome indication to email service providers regarding your email quality.

    Monitoring and Analysis

    Understanding and increasing your deliverability depend on using Klaviyo’s potent analytics tools. Track important numbers such bounce rates, open rates, and delivery rates to spot patterns and problems. Refine your email plans using this information, adjusting depending on what’s working or where development is required.

    Using Warmy.io to enhance Klaviyo deliverability

    spam checker

    Designed to solve a major email marketing problem – achieving great deliverability – Warmy.io Designed especially to improve the performance of platforms like Klaviyo, Warmy.io guarantees that emails not only find their intended recipients but also guarantee a place in the main inbox, therefore avoiding the dreaded spam folder.

    Warmy.io is essential in maximizing the deliverability of your Klaviyo campaigns by increasing sender reputation by means of deliberate interactions including simulated openings and replies from a network of actual email addresses. This direct influence on deliverability measures greatly raises the possibility that your marketing messages will be noticed and interacted with, so optimizing the efficacy of your email campaign.

    To demonstrate its effectiveness, Warmy.io offers a 7-day free trial, allowing users to experience firsthand how the service can enhance their email performance. During this trial, users can access all features and see how Warmy.io improves their email engagement and deliverability metrics.

    Warmy Free Tools

    Free Email Deliverability Test

    Free Email Deliverability Test offers a thorough study of your deliverability rate, therefore illuminating your chances of email reaching your receivers’ mailbox. Crucially, it also looks at whether your sending IP or domain has been banned as being placed on a blacklist can seriously affect email deliverability.

    The Free Email Deliverability Test lets you know about deliverability problems, so guiding your content, email settings, and sending policies.

    SPF and DMARC Record Generator

    SPF generator

    SPF and DMARC Record Generator help users set up key email authentication protocols that verify their emails are from a trusted source, which is critical for avoiding spam filters.

    Email Template Checker

    email template checker

    This tool reviews your email templates to ensure they are optimized for deliverability and do not contain elements likely to trigger spam filters.

    Using Warmy.io allows companies to proactively protect their email marketing initiatives, therefore guaranteeing maximum visibility and interaction from their campaigns.


    In essence, the success of every email marketing strategy depends on knowledge and resolution of email deliverability problems in Klaviyo. How successfully your emails reach your audience is much influenced by several elements including IP address reputation, list quality and administration, content filters, and authentication methods. Marketers can strengthen their whole email strategy by tackling shared issues with these elements and using technologies like Warmy.io to raise sender reputation and email engagement.

    Navigating the complexity of email deliverability will be made easier by applying best practices such regular list cleaning, segmentation and personalizing, engaging content, and thorough monitoring and analytics. Using Warmy.io’s extensive tools—including the Free Email Deliverability Test—can also help you better optimize your email campaigns for maximum performance and offer deeper understanding of deliverability problems.

    Email deliverability is not just about avoiding spam filters but also about making sure your messages are interesting and reach the inbox, where they have the highest opportunity of captivating consumers and generating replies as we have discussed. Using the correct tools and a proactive strategy can help you to reverse low deliverability rates in Klaviyo so that your emails regularly reach their intended targets and provide the outcomes your company requires to flourish.

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    What is Klaviyo deliverability?

    Deliverability of emails sent via the Klaviyo system is the capacity of them to effectively reach the intended recipients' inboxes. It covers things like keeping up a strong sender reputation, avoiding spam filters, and appropriate authentication.

    Why is my Klaviyo deliverability low?

    Low Klaviyo deliverability can be brought on by various elements, including bad sender reputation, low engagement rates, problems with email list quality (such as high bounce rates and spam complaints), and insufficient email authentication (SPF, DKim, DMARC).

    How can I improve my Klaviyo deliverability?

    Regular cleansing of your email list, segmenting and tailoring your emails, upgrading content to boost engagement, and guaranteeing appropriate setup of email authentication systems can help to improve Klaviyo deliverability. Tools like Warmy.io can also assist your email domain be warmed and deliverability rates rise.

    What role does content play in Klaviyo deliverability?

    Deliverability depends critically on the contents of your emails. Preventing spam triggers in the subject line and body, producing interesting material, and keeping a professional layout will help your emails not be marked as spam, so enhancing deliverability.

    Can Warmy.io really enhance Klaviyo deliverability?

    Indeed, Warmy.io's email warm-up tool helps you to improve your sender reputation, therefore enhancing Klaviyo deliverability. This entails controlled sending and interaction with emails to raise the possibility of them getting to the inbox.

    How do I check if I'm blacklisted, and what can I do about it?

    See whether your domain or IP is blacklisted using the Free Email Deliverability Test available on Warmy.io. Should you find yourself on a blacklist, work on enhancing your email policies, fix any problems highlighted by the blacklist, and ask to have yourself removed from the list.

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