Manage everything in one place and share the results with your customers

With Warmy you can simply manage everything in one place by accessing your employees' and clients' information as well as the functionality of the mailboxes, subscriptions, etc. Share the results with your team and watch your business grow!

No credit card is required

Key benefits for email marketing agencies

Security and privacy

With Warmy, admins can customize multiple accesses — saving time while eliminating error-prone manual processes that pose any risk.

Track the statistics and results on a simple dashboard

Track and manage everything regarding email deliverability of customers in a simple yet sophisticated dashboard. Share the results. Enjoy the smiles of happy customers.

Empower your agency with organizational oversight

Warmy includes a central admin console to manage settings and billing. When you join Warmy's agency dashboard, you gain
centralized oversight.

Less than 25 sec of setup

to save weeks of frustration

No credit card is required