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How to use the API?
Help your users increase email deliverability and build up domain reputation with Warmy's Email Warm-Up API.
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Benefits of using an API

Reliability-First Programming

Warmy email warm-up API allows you to integrate automatic email processing capabilities with almost any open web service or desktop application

Integrate Automatic Email Deliverability Tool

This approach allows you to make programs more reliable. This greatly simplifies the life of developers.

Enhance Email Deliverability and Avoid Spam

With the Warmy API, you or your customers can avoid spam and improve email delivery

Seamless Integration Made Easy

The API makes it easy to set up links between different services and programs

Save Time and Money with Ready-Made Interfaces

Cost saving. The presence of ready-made interfaces allows you to save not only the time and effort of programmers but also finances, which are often associated with the creation of new software solutions

Effortless Email Warm-up

2 minutes setup. Create projects and connect accounts with our email warm up API

Help and Support

We will onboard you and help you during the process of building the integration. If you have any questions later on we’ll gladly support you

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Everything you need to integrate a high-end deliverability tool in your website.