Test your deliverability with other email providers

Check the deliverability of your emails with other email providers, and see if your emails are landing in the spam folder of a specific provider.
Get immediate insights about how to improve it.

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Insights for all the major email providers
Check the results of Warmy's placement test to understand if there is an issue with a specific provider so you can fix it and increase your email deliverability.
Connect your mailbox
Connect your mailbox to Warmy.io so we can automate the results for you. This will only take less than 25 seconds!
Click on 1 button
Click the "run a test" button and we can start the test for you. You will get detailed insights and tips about how to improve the results. Share it with your team, and skyrocket your deliverability
Get insights on a daily/ weekly/ monthly basis
Choose when you want to run your tests to track updates and improvements with your email deliverability.
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Alonzo Mancini
Product manager
I would thoroughly recommend Warmy.io
Great customer support. I recommended Warmy.io to all my colleagues and friends, everyone was delighted. Warmy helped me to warm up our Gsuite accounts.
Alexandra Ivanova
It's magic!
I have been looking for a long time at how to solve the problem with deliverability. When I started using Warmy I was amazed at how quickly this problem could be solved. Very convenient service and settings. Just connect your mailbox and everything will be done for you.
Isaac Ramírez
Great tool - easy to use
With Warmy I have access to a wonderful dashboard, super easy to use, there I can track the progress the improvement of the deliverability. Using Warmy I increased dramatically our open rates.
Jessica Adrian
Warmy increased my open rates!
Thanks to Warmy I increased my open rates. I started interacting with companies from all around the world and the business started raising.
Less than 25 secof setup to save weeksof frustration
Less than 25 sec of setup to save weeks of frustration
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