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Brevo deliverability: Why it's low & not working?

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    Is Your Email Marketing Strategy Missing Its Mark? Success in the digital market of today is mostly dependent on good communication, hence email deliverability is more important than it ever. Still, not every platform guarantees that your message gets to the inbox equally. Now enter Brevo, a major participant in the email service market known for its extensive capabilities and wide customer base. The drawback is that lately, an increasing number of customers have complained about shockingly poor deliverability rates.

    Why should this count? Because, should they never reach their target recipients, even the most well-crafted email campaigns can fail. Industry figures revealing that a sizable portion of emails either fail to deliver completely or wind up in spam folders have a big effect on marketing and corporate communications.

    We explore closely the core of the problem – Brevo’s deliverability difficulties – in this paper. We will look at the several causes of these unsatisfactory deliverability rates and provide practical advice and remedies. Our intention is Making sure your messages not only reach but also land where they will have the most influence will help you to empower yourself to optimize the efficacy of your email.

    What does "Deliverability" really mean?

    Brevo Deliverability

    In the context of Brevo’s offerings, deliverability is the capacity of an email to effectively get to the recipient’s inbox. This entails not only emailing but also making sure your message avoids being diverted, blocked, or delayed by other electronic gatekeepers including spam filters.

    How is Deliverability Measured?

    Measuring deliverability involves several key metrics:

    • Delivery Rate. The proportion of emails the recipient’s email servers successfully accept.
    • Bounce Rate. The percentage of emails that might not be delivered, classified as either “soft” (temporary problems, such a full inbox) or “hard” (permanent reasons include incorrect addresses).
    • Common yet occasionally deceptive statistic, open rate gauges the real email opening count. But it can be erroneous for technical reasons like picture blocking that stop the tracking pixel from firing.
    • Click-through data Rate. This counts not just the number of persons who opened the email but also interacted with the material by clicking on links supplied.

    For consumers of Brevo’s services as well as for any company using email marketing, precise deliverability measurements are absolutely crucial. They let the sender know how successful their email campaigns are and point up areas needing work. These indicators are not only numbers for companies; they also reflect possible sales, user interaction, and finally the state and prosperity of the company. Inaccurate measures, including inflated open rates, might result in ill-informed policies neglecting fundamental problems, so wasting time and money.

    Why aren’t your emails reaching their destination?

    Deliverability problems can result from a complicated network of elements, each capable of seriously compromising the efficacy of your email marketing campaigns. The main problems likely influencing Brevo’s deliverability rates are broken out here:

    1. Technical Issues

    • Server Reliability and Downtime. If Brevo’s servers are frequently down or unreliable, emails can fail to send entirely. Downtime not only causes immediate deliverability problems but can also affect the perceived reliability of the service.
    • Integration or API Errors. Faulty integrations or API mishaps can lead to failed transmissions or incorrectly formatted emails, which are less likely to be successfully delivered.

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    2. Email Practices

    • Poor List Management and Unclean Data. Keeping an outdated or poorly managed email list with incorrect or obsolete email addresses leads to high bounce rates, which in turn damages your sender reputation.
    • High Bounce Rates Due to Invalid Addresses. Sending to non-existent email addresses is a direct path to high bounce rates, prompting email providers to mark these as problematic, further affecting deliverability.

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    3. Content Related Issues

    • Emails Flagged as Spam. If the content of emails triggers spam filters—due to the use of certain keywords, formatting styles, or other characteristics—those emails will not reach the inbox.
    • Lack of Personalization and Poor Targeting. Generic, impersonal emails are more likely to be ignored, or worse, marked as spam by recipients. This not only affects open rates but also long-term deliverability as engagement metrics decline.

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    4. Reputation Damage

    • Impact of Blacklisting. Being placed on a blacklist is one of the most severe consequences of poor email practices. It can happen due to high spam complaints, association with other blacklisted senders, or consistent sending to invalid email addresses.
    • Previous Incidents Affecting Reputation. Any prior issues that have negatively impacted Brevo’s reputation can have lingering effects on deliverability. Recovery from such incidents requires time and a proactive approach to rebuilding trust with email service providers and recipients.

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    Strategies for improvement: elevating Brevo's email deliverability

    Focusing on technical improvements, best practices in email management, content development, and reputation management, improving email deliverability calls for a multifarious approach. We discuss below techniques Brevo can use to improve the general dependability and email performance.

    Technical Enhancements

    • Investing in premium, dependable server infrastructure can help to reduce downtime and speed up email delivery, therefore enhancing deliverability rates.
    • By means of improved error handling and more strong integration capabilities, API stability and error handling may be improved, so ensuring that emails are sent as intended and received as expected, so lowering the delivery risk.

    Best Practices in Email Campaigns

    • Periodically cleaning email lists helps to maintain a good sender reputation by removing inactive members and erroneous email addresses, hence lowering bounce rates.
    • Using segmentation and personalization will help emails to particular audience members be much more engaging. Personalizing content to fit recipients’ interests and behavior increases the possibility of emails being opened and interacted with, going beyond just name addressing.

    Content Optimization

    • Using language that avoids typical spam triggers, guarantees HTML is clean and error-free, and maintains a balanced text-to image ratio helps to avoid emails from being flagged as spam.
    • Techniques for Including Relevant Content. Producing interesting, worthwhile material that appeals to the audience not only increases involvement but also motivates receivers to eagerly search for and expect the emails, therefore enhancing open rates and general deliverability.
      Managers of Reputation

    Reputation Management

    • Blacklist Avoidance or Removal Strategies. Essential is proactive management of email sending policies to prevent actions that result in blacklisting, such sending too many emails too quickly or to many incorrect addresses. Should blacklisted, it is imperative to act quickly to resolve the causes of blacklisting and notify the listing agencies in order to have removed.
    • Creating a strong sending reputation requires regularly providing excellent, interesting material for which users respond favorably. Maintaining compliance with email authentication guidelines such SPF, DKim, and DMARC will also help to confirm a good name with email providers.
    warmy dashboard

    As Brevo seeks ways to enhance its email deliverability, one promising solution is the utilization of email warm-up services like Warmy.io. This platform is designed specifically to help users improve the likelihood that their emails will reach their intended inboxes by gradually increasing the sender’s reputation.

    Warmy.io serves a crucial role in any email marketing strategy by systematically sending emails from new or underutilized email accounts to its network, ensuring that these interactions appear natural and gradually improving the account’s sending reputation. This process is essential for avoiding spam filters and increasing overall email deliverability.

    Advantages of Using Email Warm-up Services

    • Boosts Sender Reputation. Gradually warms up email accounts to build trust with email service providers, reducing the likelihood of being marked as spam.
    • Enhances Email Deliverability. By improving sender reputation, more emails land in the inbox instead of the spam folder, thus increasing the effectiveness of email campaigns.
    • Prevents Blacklisting. Regular, natural-looking email activity can prevent sudden spikes in activity that often lead to blacklisting.

    To demonstrate the efficacy of their service and allow potential users to gauge the improvements firsthand, Warmy.io offers a 7-day free trial. This trial period is an excellent opportunity for Brevo users to test out how the service can enhance their email deliverability without any initial investment.

    Free Tools Offered by Warmy.io

    Free Email Deliverability Test

    This tool allows users to check if their emails are likely to hit the inbox or get stuck in spam filters, providing immediate feedback on potential improvements.

    SPF and DMARC Record Generator

    These tools help users set up essential email authentication measures that further improve deliverability and protect against spoofing.


    By integrating Warmy.io into its email strategy, Brevo can take proactive steps to ensure its communications not only reach their destination but also engage customers effectively. This can lead to improved campaign performance, better customer interactions, and ultimately, a stronger return on investment from email marketing efforts.


    Throughout this article, we’ve delved into the multifaceted challenges that impact Brevo’s email deliverability, from technical setbacks and email practices to content issues and reputation damage. We’ve also explored how metrics can be misleading and the importance of accurate data in shaping effective email strategies.

    Key strategies for improvement have been outlined, including technical enhancements like upgrading server infrastructure, adopting best practices such as regular list cleaning and segmentation, optimizing content to evade spam filters, and managing reputation to maintain trustworthiness.

    Moreover, we introduced Warmy.io, a robust tool that aids in warming up email accounts, thereby boosting deliverability. With its 7-day free trial and additional tools like the SPF and DMARC Record Generators and a free email deliverability test, Warmy.io represents a pivotal resource in the quest to ensure emails reach their intended destinations effectively.

    By addressing these critical areas and utilizing sophisticated tools like Warmy.io, Brevo can significantly improve its deliverability rates. This not only enhances the effectiveness of marketing campaigns but also solidifies the overall success and reliability of business communications.

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    What is Brevo deliverability?

    Brevo deliverability refers to the ability of emails sent via the Brevo platform to successfully reach the intended recipients' inboxes, avoiding spam folders and other delivery barriers.

    Why are my Brevo deliverability rates low?

    Low Brevo deliverability rates can be due to a variety of factors including poor email list hygiene, technical issues with server reliability, content that triggers spam filters, or damage to your sender's reputation.

    How can I improve Brevo deliverability for my email campaigns?

    Improving Brevo deliverability involves several strategies such as upgrading server infrastructure, ensuring accurate API integrations, regularly cleaning your email lists, segmenting your audience, personalizing your content, and managing your sender reputation effectively.

    Can using tools like Warmy.io enhance Brevo deliverability?

    Yes, using email warm-up tools like Warmy.io can significantly enhance Brevo deliverability. These tools help improve your sender reputation and ensure your emails are more likely to reach the inbox.

    What are the benefits of using SPF and DMARC with Brevo?

    Implementing Sender Policy Framework (SPF) and Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance (DMARC) records can help protect your email content and sender reputation, reducing the risk of spoofing and phishing, which in turn improves Brevo deliverability.

    What should I do if my Brevo emails are being marked as spam?

    If your Brevo emails are frequently ending up in spam, review your email content for spam triggers, ensure compliance with email marketing laws, improve your list management practices, and consider consulting with a deliverability expert to address specific issues.

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