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Spamhaus Zen Blacklist: How To Remove your IP from it
Inna Sabada
by Inna Sabada
Spamhaus Zen Blacklist: How To Remove your IP from it

Conquering the Spamhaus Zen Blacklist: A Comprehensive Guide to Removing Your IP Address


Do you have an e-mail address that seems to be constantly under assault from spam? 


Are you worried about your business’s reputation, as many of its outgoing emails are potentially being blocked by receiving parties? 


It's a common issue for email marketer specialists, advertising agencies, and email marketing agencies. 


If this is something you're experiencing, then one place where you might be listed is the Spamhaus Zen Blacklist. It would be wise to find out if this is the case before taking any further action! 


In this blog post, we'll explore what the Spamhaus Zen Blacklist is, how it works and – most importantly – how to remove yourself from it. So let's get started!



What is Spamhaus zen?


Spamhaus ZEN (Zero-IP Real-time Blackhole List (RBL) and Extended Zen) is a composite DNS blacklist that combines multiple blacklists maintained by Spamhaus, a non-profit organization that tracks spam and related cyber threats.


ZEN is used by email providers and system administrators to block emails from known spam sources and prevent spam from reaching users' inboxes.


Spamhaus ZEN is the combination of all Spamhaus IP-based DNSBLs into one single powerful and comprehensive blocklist to make querying faster and simpler. It contains the SBL, SBLCSS, XBL and PBL blocklists.



Why is my IP being blocked by Spamhaus?


There can be several reasons why your IP address is being blocked by Spamhaus. Some common reasons include:


🔹 Your IP address is associated with a spamming or malicious activity.


🔹 Your IP address is being used by a compromised device or a botnet to send spam or engage in other malicious activity.


🔹 Your IP address is part of a range of IP addresses that have been identified as being associated with spam or malicious activity.


🔹 Your email server is not properly configured or secured, allowing spammers to abuse it to send spam.


🔹 If your IP address has been listed on Spamhaus, it's important to investigate the cause and take appropriate action to address the issue. 


This may involve removing malware or securing your server, or working with your internet service provider to resolve the issue. Once the issue has been resolved, you can request removal from the Spamhaus blacklist.



How to check if my IP is on the Spamhaus Zen Blacklist?


To find out if your IP address is listed on Spamhaus ZEN blacklist, you can use the Spamhaus Blocklist Removal Center (BRC) and enter your IP address. 


If your IP address is listed on Spamhaus ZEN or any other Spamhaus blacklist, the lookup tool will display the relevant information and provide instructions on how to request removal if appropriate.


It's important to note that being listed on Spamhaus ZEN or any other DNS blacklist can negatively impact your email deliverability, so it's important to address the issue promptly if you find that you are listed.


The second way is even easier, if you want to monitor your email deliverability and improve it, the easiest way is to use a tool like Warmy.


Warmy is a tool for warm-up emails and improving email deliverability.


With it, you can track whether your IP is on blacklists, such as Spamhouse Zen and many others. To do this, you just need to connect your mailbox to Warmy and run a check. Our tool will immediately show if your IP is on blacklists.


spamhaus blacklist check


Additionally, you will see your domain health score and if any issues with mailbox settings.



How Can I Remove IP From Spamhouse Zen Blacklist?


Luckily, Spamhouse Zen allows you to request that an IP be removed from its list.


To request the removal of your IP address from the Spamhaus ZEN blacklist, you will need to follow these steps:


Identify and resolve the issue that led to your IP address being listed on the blacklist. This may involve removing malware, securing your server, or addressing any other issues that may have contributed to the listing.


Once the issue has been resolved, visit the Spamhaus Blocklist Removal Center (BRC) at and enter your IP address.


❗ Important! Removal requests should only be from the owner of the domain or IP. If you are not the owner you need to contact your service provider.


Follow the instructions provided to request removal. This will typically involve filling out a form that provides information about your organization, the steps you have taken to resolve the issue, and your contact information.


Once you have submitted the removal request, Spamhaus will review it and may contact you for additional information if necessary.


If Spamhaus determines that the issue has been resolved, they will remove your IP address from the ZEN blacklist.


It's important to note that it can take some time for the removal request to be processed and for the listing to be removed, so be patient and monitor your email deliverability in the meantime. 


It's also important to take steps to prevent future listings by keeping your systems secure and monitoring for potential spam or other malicious activity.



We hope this guide was helpful in getting your IP removed from the Spamhaus Zen blacklist. 


Remember, always follow best practices for email to avoid being blacklisted again in the future. 


If you need help setting up your email or have any questions, our team is here to assist you -



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