Email Deliverability Checker from Warmy. Try it for free. 
Inna Sabada
by Inna Sabada
Email Deliverability Checker from Warmy. Try it for free. 

Do you know what happens to email when you click send?


There are many places where it can go, the ideal option is the Inbox, but practice shows that emails very often end up in a spam or, in the case of Gmail, in the "Promotions" tab, in the worst case, they simply are not delivered.


If you don't track email deliverability, all your email marketing efforts will be wasted.


Briefly, recall why email deliverability is important.
1. Take a leading position among competitors.
2. Email has the highest ROI of all other digital marketing channels.
3. Good deliverability avoids unnecessary spending on your email campaign.
4. And most importantly, an increase in profits. If your letters reach the recipient, you are much more likely to bring him through the sales funnel to a purchase.


As you can see, deliverability is a key success factor for your email campaign that is important and worthy of attention.


To understand how you are doing with email deliverability, you need to use various tools and email deliverability checkers. There are a lot of them, free and paid.


In this article, we suggest that you check your email using Warmy Email Deliverability Checker.


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Step 1
Register on the Warmy  Warmy provides a free 7-day trial, with no credit cards required. Registration takes 1 minute.


Step 2
Connect to Warmy your e-mail, the deliverability of which you want to check.


Step 3
Go to the tab - Email Deliverability Checker and press the New Test button. You can choose a default template or you can also add your personal template which you usually send to your marketing campaigns and check where it will land.


Step 4
Analyze the test results. The Email Deliverability Checker will allow you to see if there are any errors in the settings - SPF, DKIM, DMARC, it will also check if your domain is blacklisted. In addition, after the analysis, you will see an analysis of your template for the presence of spam words, the number of links, personalization, etc.


After this analysis, you can determine your email warm-up strategy to improve the deliverability of your emails.


If you see that your emails mostly end up in spam, you need to warm up your email, this will improve the reputation of the domain, fix all errors and take your email deliverability to a new level.


As you can see, everything is very simple, for a more visual demonstration, we suggest you watch the video What happens with your emails? - Auto all-in-one tool to make your email channel reliable | Product Hunt