What is an automatic email thread?
Inna Sabada
by Inna Sabada
What is an automatic email thread?

A chain of emails is messages that are sent automatically one after another. They launch a chain of client actions on the site - triggers. A trigger can be a user clicking on the "Register" or "Pay" button, an abandoned cart, or a transition to a specific page of the site. If the user performs an action that is a trigger, he receives an email.


New customers of online stores usually do not immediately buy a product. Some start to place an order, but get distracted and forget to complete it. Others want a personal discount. Still, others are afraid that they will be deceived, so they look for reviews about the company on the Internet and take a long time to make a purchase decision.


To push for an order, increase trust and motivate customers to complete the transaction, marketers set up email chains - a series of messages that are sent to customers by email in the sequence.


There is usually not one email in the chain, but several. Each subsequent email brings the user closer to the target action: signing up for a loyalty program, a paid subscription, or purchasing a product.


When do email chains help a business?


In online trading, before buying something, customers go through the following steps:

- open the site for the first time;
- study proposals;
- add items to the cart;
- pay for the order;
- return to the site and buy something else.


At each step, a part of the users is eliminated. For example, if 300 people visit the site, 200 of them will look through the assortment, 150 will add the product to the cart, 40 will buy, and 25 will return to the site for a second purchase.


If suddenly the user stops at some step and does not go further, he receives a email, the task of which is to lead the user further without the participation of an employee of the online store. For example, if a subscriber has studied a product, put it in the cart, but did not pay, he receives a discount coupon, reviews, and a review.


As a result, mailing automation helps to increase the conversion of each stage and sell more.


A chain of emails helps close deals faster.

Types of chains of emails by purpose.


By appointment, automatic chains are of the following types:


1. Welcome chain - an engaging series of emails that a client receives after subscribing or registering in a personal account on the site.


2. Abandoned Cart - a mailing that is triggered if a person has added an item to the cart and has not completed the order within a certain period. The business sets the period itself, depending on the product, usually 2-3 days.


3. Content series of emails- a mailing list that talks about the useful properties of the product, gives advice from a related field, or helps the brand to show its expertise. Content email dilute the selling series, although they themselves usually contain a call to go to the site and buy something.


4. Reactivation chain - used when the client subscribed to the mailing list of materials but stopped opening emails. There are no clear rules for when to run a reactivation - it depends on the product. For example, you can set the first reactivation email to leave a month after the user last visited the site.


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