What makes Warmy.io different?
Inna Sabada
by Inna Sabada
What makes Warmy.io different?

In this article, we will briefly list the advantages of our tool, how we differ from other email delivery tools, and why you should choose Warmy.


1. To improve your email deliverability, thanks to Warmy you don't need to become an email deliverability expert, figure out how to warm up your email, know how to set up SMTP or configure SPF, DKIM, and DMARC, etc. 

Warmy does it completely for you, the whole process is done automatically and for the user of our tool, it is very simple. You don't need to configure any settings for your mailbox, our tool will do it for you.


We know everything about email deliverability and are experts in the field. Our team of experts can help you set up your email warm-up process, even if you have domain reputation issues or other complex issues.


2. We use artificial intelligence.

We're not linear, we're warming up ten steps further.


Each mailbox generates a huge amount of data that can be translated into hundreds of parameters. We select key parameters, constantly analyze them and pass them on to our Adeline decision-making system.
Adeline decides for each mailbox the optimal schedule and workout plan.


3. We warm up your mailbox specifically for the topic of your business.
Let's say you're in real estate, the warm-up posts will be about real estate. All messages are generated by artificial intelligence specifically and personally for you.


This greatly affects the deliverability of your emails and is simply necessary to improve performance.


4. We are the only tool that offers email heating in over 30 languages. Thanks to this, the warm-up process will be much more efficient!


5. You can easily add your warm-up templates. You can do this in a few minutes.


6. We are the only tool that does automatic email archiving.
You don't need to set up any special filters. You can easily clear your inbox of heated email threads.


7. We are the only tool that can send 2k proof emails per day.


8. We have a very efficient Deliverability Checker that checks your deliverability and a Health Test that checks the health of your inbox.


9. We also have a dashboard for email marketing agencies. In Warmy's agency account, you get a list of all your client and companies. You can give access to your clients and team members, and share easily the results.


10. Excellent tech support. We have a large team of technical specialists who will help you set up your mailbox, solve any problem, and answer any questions.

We are always ready to guide the client by hand through all the steps with the help of online calls.

We are open to new things and constantly add new features.


If you are still in doubt, we have a free period where you can try our tool in practice or order a demo and our experts will answer your questions in more detail.


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