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How to track email deliverability to Gmail and Google Workspace.
Maksym Popov
by Maksym Popov
How to track email deliverability to Gmail and Google Workspace.

Comprehensive Guide to Monitoring Email Deliverability to Gmail and Google Workspace: Maximizing Your Reach and Performance


Are you looking for valuable insights into improving email deliverability to Gmail and Google Workspace accounts? Knowing how to track your emails being delivered successfully can be essential in managing a healthy, responsive email program. 


In this post, you'll learn the basics of tracking email deliverability and why it's important. We'll guide you through some steps on how to track this key indicator—and share tips that will help you increase efficiency while monitoring performance over time. Let’s dive right in!



What is Google Postmaster Tools?


Google Postmaster Tools is a free service provided by Google to help email senders monitor and analyze their email traffic on Gmail. It provides email metrics and insights that can help senders improve their email deliverability and reputation.


Using Postmaster Tools, senders can access data about their email delivery, including spam rate, bounce rate, and feedback loop data. They can also view information about the reputation of their IP addresses and domains, which can affect email deliverability.


Additionally, Postmaster Tools provides recommendations and best practices to help senders improve their email performance and avoid common mistakes that can harm their reputation.


Overall, Google Postmaster Tools is a valuable resource for email senders to understand and improve their email deliverability on Gmail.



Some of the features of Google Postmaster Tools include:


1. Domain Reputation: It provides an overview of the sender's reputation with Gmail and shows the sender's IP address and domain reputation score.


2. Spam Rate: It displays the percentage of emails sent by the sender that are marked as spam by Gmail users.


3. Authentication: It shows whether the sender is using authentication protocols such as SPF, DKIM, and DMARC.


4. Encryption: It displays whether the sender is using Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption to protect emails during transmission.


5. Feedback Loop: It allows senders to receive feedback on their messages that have been marked as spam or sent to Gmail's "Bulk" folder.



Benefits of using Google Postmaster Tools:


Using Google Postmaster Tools can provide numerous benefits for email senders, including:


✅ Improved email deliverability: By monitoring and analyzing email metrics and data, senders can identify issues that may be affecting their email deliverability and take corrective action to improve it.


✅ Enhanced email performance: Google Postmaster Tools provides data and insights that can help senders optimize their email content and improve engagement rates, leading to better email performance.


✅ Better understanding of email reputation: By monitoring domain and IP reputation, senders can gain a better understanding of their email reputation and how it affects their email deliverability.



How to use Google Postmaster Tools:


To use Google Postmaster Tools, you must first sign up for the service and verify your domain or IP address. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use the tool:


1. Go to the Google Postmaster Tools website and sign in with your Gmail account.


2. Add your domain or IP address and verify it by adding a DNS record or uploading a file to your website.


3. Once your domain or IP address is verified, you can access the dashboard and view your email metrics and data.


4. Use the data and insights provided by Google Postmaster Tools to identify issues affecting your email deliverability and take corrective action.



All in all, the IP reputation/Domain reputation score is an important factor in determining email deliverability, as email servers and spam filters use it to evaluate the trustworthiness of email senders. If an IP address has a poor reputation, emails sent from that IP address may be more likely to be flagged as spam or blocked by email servers.



 Google Postmaster Tools



By using, senders can gain insights into how Gmail handles their emails, and take steps to improve their email deliverability and avoid being marked as spam.



How to compare these stats with Warmy?


IP reputation



In order to be able to compare the statistics obtained in Google Postmaster Tools, it is best to use the deliverability checker. It will allow you to track whether emails are in the spam folder for Google accounts at the moment. 



🔹 Tracking email deliverability to Gmail and Google Workspace accounts is crucial for maintaining a successful email marketing campaign. By having a structure in place to track performance and measure success, you'll be better equipped to identify any issues or patterns that may arise over time.


You also should keep up with the recent changes in tracking email deliverability as Gmail and Google Workspace continue to evolve their platform.


As long as you stay alert to the latest technologies and features available, it's possible to achieve high deliverability rates and optimized inbox placement, putting your emails in front of the right audience. 


Moreover, understanding how message filters affect your emails can help you develop more effective content strategies so that your messages make it through filters unscathed and remain visible in inboxes. 


To sum it up, tracking email deliverability will help your business maintain healthy relationships with customers and drive conversions for increased growth potential for years to come.



If you're struggling with poor email deliverability, consider using an email warm up service like to improve your email sender reputation and increase your chances of reaching your subscribers' inboxes. With an email warm up service, you can gradually increase your email volume over time, establishing a positive sender reputation with ISPs and improving your email deliverability.


Don't let poor email deliverability hold back your email marketing efforts. Take action today and start using an email warm up service to improve your sender reputation and increase your chances of reaching your subscribers' inboxes. Your email program's success depends on it!


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