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    An email warm-up service helps to ensure that emails sent through a particular account land in the inbox of their recipients instead of the spam folder.

    This is an important part of any marketing strategy since it helps to maintain a good reputation with the Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Email deliverability depends on how well you have warmed up your domain and IPs. It’s important to select an email warm-up service that can ensure that all your emails reach their intended destination, thus making sure that your brand remains competitive in its market.


    email warm up

    Warmy comes out as a better Woodpecker alternative due to its reliability and effectiveness in maintaining healthy deliverability rates.

    Warmy.io is a platform dedicated to enhancing email deliverability by bolstering the sender’s reputation. It achieves this by fostering interactions with real individuals across various topics and languages, ensuring that emails effectively reach the intended inboxes. 

    The platform provides an automated system for other major email providers, ensuring emails are not only sent but also opened, marked as important, and replied to. Each message sent through Warmy is fully personalized, emphasizing authenticity and proving the sender’s credibility. 

    The platform utilizes artificial intelligence to determine the optimal warm-up strategy based on various factors, such as domain age and previous reputation. Users benefit from a comprehensive dashboard to monitor deliverability performance and can warm up emails in over 30 languages. 

    The platform also ensures safety by detecting numerous parameters to protect the user’s mailbox and domain. Additionally, Warmy.io offers regular mailbox health checks and the ability to integrate specific email templates into the warm-up process.

    Use Warmy’s email deliverability test, free email template checker, and improve your email deliverability!

    Warmy is revolutionizing the email sphere with its advanced tech. From being a leading Woodpecker alternative, Warmy has become the most reliable and robust warm-up tool available today – making it your go-to choice for efficient domain warming!

    Woodpecker Email Warm-up

    Woodpecker offers a feature called “Warm-up & Recovery” designed to enhance email deliverability by improving the sender’s reputation. This ensures that emails reach the recipient’s inbox rather than the spam folder.

    Google has decided to discontinue support for the automated warm-up process for Gmail accounts as of February 6, 2023. However, Woodpecker provides a solution by allowing users to manually achieve the same warm-up results.

    Despite Google’s decision, Woodpecker still supports automated warm-up with other major email providers.

    With a simple activation, Woodpecker manages the entire warm-up process. Users can choose to warm up an individual email address or an entire domain. The platform sends warm-up emails, retrieves them from spam, and places them in inboxes. 

    We’ll take an in-depth journey through the features of these two services.

    Feature-by-feature comparison

    Google, Outlook, SMTP warm-up
    Free Trial
    Blacklist Monitoring
    Domain Age Reporting
    Zoom + Chat + Email support
    Money-back guarantee
    Warm up emails per month
    Warm-up in different languages 🌎
    Warm-up in different topics
    Add your template to warm-up
    Inbox deliverability checker
    Agency dashboard and dedicated support
    White label program
    AI personal messages
    Auto archive of warm-up messages
    Free consultation - 6 days a week
    Free SPF and DMARC record generator
    Email seed lists
    Connects to Google Postmaster
    Free email template checker
    Free email signature generator
    Free cold email sequence builder

    Choose the best for your email deliverability!

    Unlock Superior Email Deliverability with Warmy.io! Choose Warmy.io over Woodpecker.co and experience the pinnacle of sender reputation enhancement. Dive into the future of email warm-up and ensure your messages always hit the mark. Make the switch to Warmy.io today and elevate your email strategy!

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