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    In the dynamic realm of email marketing, ensuring optimal deliverability is key to success. Warmy and Warmbox are two notable platforms that offer specialized services to improve email warming and deliverability. This comparison aims to provide insights into their features, helping you make an informed choice.


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    Warmy is a comprehensive email warming and deliverability platform designed to enhance your email sender reputation and ensure your messages land in the inbox. It supports a wide array of email providers with customizable SMTP configurations and can handle up to 60,000 warm-up emails per month. Warmy is renowned for its user-friendly interface, array of free tools, broad integration capabilities, and exceptional customer support. It offers detailed analytics, blacklist monitoring, and API access for businesses seeking scalability and customization in their email strategies.



    Warmbox focuses on automating the email warming process, offering tools to improve deliverability and maintain a healthy sender reputation. While specific details about email providers and SMTP support are not provided, Warmbox introduces unique features such as Free IPs/Domain Blacklist & DNS deliverability checkers, enhancing its utility. However, it lacks API access and does not offer a free trial, targeting users who value specialized deliverability tools over extensive customization.

    Email Providers and SMTP

    Warmy supports a diverse range of email providers and offers extensive SMTP configuration options, accommodating various email systems. Warmbox’s compatibility with email providers and SMTP details are less specified but it’s designed to function across common email platforms.

    Warm-Up Volume

    Warmy has the capacity for up to 60,000 warm-up emails per month, catering to businesses of all sizes. Warmbox warm-up volume capacity is 15,000 warm-up emails per month.

    Ease of Use

    Both Warmy and Warmbox prioritize a user-friendly experience, offering intuitive interfaces that simplify the email warming process for their users.

    Free Tools

    Warmy provides free tools like email deliverability tests and template checks. Warmbox offers Free IPs/Domain Blacklist & DNS deliverability checkers, directly contributing to its core function of improving email health.

    Integration Capabilities

    Warmy boasts extensive integration capabilities with popular marketing tools and platforms, enhancing its adaptability. Warmbox’s integration features are not detailed, suggesting a more focused approach on email warming and deliverability.

    Blacklist Monitoring

    Both platforms offer blacklist monitoring, with Warmy providing comprehensive insights into sender reputation and Warmbox including blacklist monitoring as a part of its service to maintain email health.

    API Access

    Warmy offers API access, allowing for deeper integration and customization, whereas Warmbox does not provide API access, indicating a streamlined approach to its warming and deliverability services.

    Customer Support

    Warmy and Warmbox are committed to supporting their users, with Warmy offering multiple channels for assistance and Warmbox ensuring users can navigate their platform effectively.

    Free Trial

    Warmy provides a 7-day free trial, inviting users to explore its extensive features. Warmbox, on the other hand, does not offer a free trial, focusing on users ready to commit to improving their email deliverability.

    Feedback and Reviews


    • On G2, Warmy.io has received 4.8⭐ out of 5 stars
    • On Trustpilot, Warmy.io has a great rating of 4.1⭐ out of 5 stars
    • On Capterra, Warmy.io is rated 4.9⭐ out of 5 stars


    No reviews for Warmbox on Trustpilot, G2 and Capterra

    Warm-Up in Different Languages and Topics

    Warmy supports warming up emails in over 30 languages, offering versatility for global campaigns. Warmbox’s capabilities in this area are not explicitly mentioned, focusing on deliverability improvements regardless of language.

    Template for Warm-Up

    Warmy allows extensive customization of warm-up email templates, enhancing personalization. Warmbox’s approach to template customization is not detailed, with a focus on deliverability outcomes.

    Scalability and Customization

    Warmy is designed for scalability, supporting growing email volumes with customization options to meet specific needs. Warmbox’s scalable and customizable features are implied through its deliverability services, though less emphasized compared to Warmy.

    Feature-by-feature comparison

    Google, Outlook, SMTP warm-up
    Free Trial
    Blacklist Monitoring
    Domain Age Reporting
    Zoom + Chat + Email support
    Money-back guarantee
    Warm up emails per month
    Auto settings - set and forget
    Warm-up in different languages 🌎
    Warm-up in different topics
    Add your template to warm-up
    Inbox deliverability checker
    Agency dashboard and dedicated support
    White label program
    AI personal messages
    Auto archive of warm-up messages
    Free consultation - 6 days a week

    Choose the best for your email deliverability!

    All in all, Warmy and Warmbox present great options for businesses seeking to ramp up their email operations with powerful email-warming services. 

    With its suite of powerful tools, Warmy is a great choice for larger organizations looking to save time while improving their email deliverability. 

    Regardless of size, both services, and Warmy and Warmbox provide users with top-notch performance and a great range of features, ensuring that users get the most out of their investment in professional email-warming services. 

    As always, the best way to determine which service fits your needs is to perform your own comparison – but hopefully we’ve provided you with some helpful information on what’s available from both giants in the field!

    Experience the pinnacle of email deliverability with Warmy.io! Don’t settle for less; choose the best. Start with Warmy.io today!

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