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    Email warm-up is an essential process to ensure that your emails reach the recipient’s inbox without being flagged as spam. In the realm of email warm-up tools, Warmy and Growbots have emerged as significant players. In this article, we will delve deep into the features and benefits of both, with a special emphasis on the superiority of Warmy.

    What is email warm-up?

    Email warm-up is the methodical process of gradually increasing the number of emails sent from a new or less active email account to enhance its sender reputation. A robust sender reputation ensures that your emails aren’t flagged as spam, leading to higher email deliverability rates.


    email warm up

    Warmy is a dedicated email warming and deliverability platform designed to enhance your email sender reputation and ensure your communications consistently reach the inbox. It caters to a broad spectrum of email providers and is equipped with features to handle up to 60,000 warm-up emails per month. Warmy’s platform stands out for its ease of use, comprehensive free tools for deliverability testing, extensive integration capabilities, and a focus on user support through various channels. Its commitment to scalability and customization makes it an excellent choice for businesses looking to improve their email marketing effectiveness.



    Growbots is an outbound sales automation tool that streamlines the process of reaching out to potential leads through targeted email campaigns. It focuses on automating the sales pipeline, from prospecting to initiating contact, making it a valuable asset for sales teams. While not primarily an email warming solution, Growbots ensures high deliverability through optimized campaign management and integrates seamlessly with CRM systems to enhance sales workflows. Its user-friendly interface and tailored support make it a potent tool for sales-driven organizations.

    Email Providers and SMTP

    Warmy supports a wide range of email providers and offers versatile SMTP configurations, ensuring compatibility with various email marketing needs. Growbots, while focused more on automated outbound email campaigns, also supports key email providers, facilitating seamless campaign execution.

    Warm-Up Volume

    Warmy has the capability to warm up to 60,000 emails per month, catering to businesses of all sizes and supporting large-scale email campaigns. Growbots, primarily an outbound sales automation tool, does not emphasize warm-up volume as Warmy does, focusing instead on campaign outreach efficiency.

    Ease of Use

    Warmy boasts a user-friendly interface designed for ease of navigation and effective campaign management. Growbots also prides itself on a streamlined user experience, particularly in setting up and managing outbound email campaigns, with a focus on sales automation.

    Free Tools

    Warmy offers free tools like email deliverability tests and template checks, enhancing the user’s ability to optimize campaigns without additional costs. Growbots focuses on providing a comprehensive sales automation platform, with less emphasis on free standalone tools for email optimization.

    Integration Capabilities

    Warmy integrates seamlessly with popular platforms like HubSpot and Monday.com, enhancing its utility in a broad marketing tech stack. Growbots also offers integration capabilities, particularly with CRM systems, to streamline sales processes and campaign management.

    Blacklist Monitoring

    Warmy provides detailed blacklist monitoring, offering insights into sender reputation to avoid deliverability issues. Growbots, with its focus on outbound campaigns, incorporates deliverability best practices but does not specifically highlight blacklist monitoring as a feature.

    API Access

    Both Warmy and Growbots offer API access, allowing for custom integrations and automation within users’ existing workflows, catering to businesses seeking tailored solutions.

    Customer Support

    Warmy provides comprehensive customer support, including multiple channels like Zoom, chat, and email, ensuring users have access to timely assistance. Growbots also offers dedicated support, though the specifics of channels and availability may vary, focusing on ensuring users can effectively utilize their sales automation platform.

    Free Trial

    Warmy offers a 7-day free trial, inviting users to experience its features firsthand. Growbots provides detailed demos and consultations to prospective users, though a traditional free trial may not be offered in the same manner, focusing instead on personalized onboarding.

    Feedback and Reviews


    • On G2, Warmy.io has received 4.8⭐ out of 5 stars
    • On Trustpilot, Warmy.io has a great rating of 4.1⭐ out of 5 stars
    • On Capterra, Warmy.io is rated 4.9⭐ out of 5 stars


    • On G2, Growbots has received 4.5⭐ out of 5 stars
    • On Trustpilot, Growbots has a rating of 2.6⭐ out of 5 stars
    • On Capterra, Growbots is rated 4.7⭐ out of 5 stars

    Warm-Up in Different Languages and Topics

    Warmy supports warm-up emails in more than 30 languages, offering unparalleled versatility for global campaigns. Growbots, while effective in reaching diverse audiences, focuses more on the sales automation aspect, without explicitly mentioning support for multiple languages in warm-up processes.

    Template for Warm-Up

    Warmy allows for extensive customization of warm-up email templates, enabling users to align with their branding and messaging. Growbots offers customizable templates within its sales automation framework, though with a focus on sales engagement rather than the broad email warming perspective.

    Scalability and Customization

    Warmy is designed to scale with businesses, accommodating increasing email volumes and offering customization options to meet evolving needs. Growbots scales primarily in the context of sales outreach, providing tools to automate and optimize outbound campaigns as businesses grow.

    Feature-by-feature comparison

    Google, Outlook, SMTP warm-up
    Free Trial
    Blacklist Monitoring
    Domain Age Reporting
    Zoom + Chat + Email support
    Money-back guarantee
    Warm up emails per month
    Auto settings - set and forget
    Warm-up in different languages 🌎
    Warm-up in different topics
    Add your template to warm-up
    Inbox deliverability checker
    Agency dashboard and dedicated support
    White label program
    AI personal messages
    Auto archive of warm-up messages
    Free consultation - 6 days a week


    Choosing between Warmy and Growbots hinges on your specific needs—Warmy excels in comprehensive email deliverability and warming, with a strong focus on customization, integration, and support. Growbots shines in automating outbound sales campaigns, offering robust sales-focused features. Consider your primary objectives, be it improving email health and deliverability or streamlining sales outreach, to guide your selection.

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