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    Are you looking for a reliable, effective way to get your email deliverability back on track? Are you unfamiliar with the concept of warming up an email and would like to learn more about it? Then look no further! 

    Warmy is here to take the guesswork out of warm-up strategizing by providing an easy-to-follow trial guide designed specifically for those goals. 

    From deciphering bounce rates to understanding sending limits, our user-friendly guide will provide simple steps that you can use right away and get your emails back on track in no time. 

    So if you’re ready to finally unlock the full potential of email marketing, read on as we discuss all you need to know about optimizing your efforts via effective prewarming strategies!

    Now you are a happy user of Warmy and part of our warm family ❤

    From the beginning of the registration, a 7-day Trial period is available to you. First, you need to connect your first mailbox 💌


    Do not forget to read the instructions for connecting the mailbox beforehand, they will help you. If you still have questions, you can always write to us or schedule a call and our support team will be happy to help you with any issue.

    After you have connected your mailbox, the system will start checking for the ability to send and receive emails to your email address.

    After verification, the warm-up will start automatically 🔥

    Your mailbox will start sending and receiving unique generated emails. We will also archive incoming emails, extract emails from SPAM, read them, mark them as important, and communicate in threads with our real users 👨‍👨‍👦‍👦

    All this is completely automatic and simulates the actual use of the mailbox as if you were doing it yourself. And all thanks to our complex algorithms and artificial intelligence 🦾


    By going to the mailbox dashboard you will be able to view your mailbox warm-up statistics. Here you can see a lot of useful information, such as sent and received emails, deliverability, current temperature, and related graphs 📊📈


    Congratulations! Now you have become an experienced Warmy user 🎉✨


    To become an even more advanced user 😎, you can familiarize yourself with our tariff plans, which will open up many more opportunities and unique features for you. We promise we still have something to surprise you😉

    Benefits of improving email deliverability with an email warm-up service

    Email warmup service is a highly effective method that can help businesses to improve their email deliverability in the long run. This service allows businesses to gradually increase the volume of emails being sent to ensure that their emails don’t end up in the spam folders of their subscribers. As a result, email warmup service has become an important tool for businesses operating in today’s highly competitive digital landscape.

    Benefits of Using an Email Warmup Service:

    ✔ Improved Email Deliverability. One of the key benefits of using an email warmup service is that it can significantly improve the deliverability of your emails. With lower bounce rates and higher open rates, businesses can be sure that their promotional emails are reaching their intended audience.

    ✔ Higher Email Engagement. When an email lands in the inbox of a subscriber, the chances of them engaging with the content are higher. With the help of an email warmup service, businesses can ensure that their emails land in the inbox and result in higher engagement rates.

    Increased Revenue. Improved email deliverability and higher engagement rates translate into higher revenue for businesses. By ensuring that their promotional emails are reaching their intended audience, businesses can boost their sales and brand awareness.

    Enhanced Reputation. Email warmup services help businesses establish a good reputation with their subscribers. By gradually increasing the volume of emails, businesses can ensure that their reputation is not damaged by sending too many emails at once. This can also help businesses avoid being marked as spam.

    Cost-effective. Email warmup services are a cost-effective way for businesses to improve their email deliverability. Instead of investing in expensive email marketing tools, businesses can opt for email warmup services to gradually increase the volume of emails being sent.


     In conclusion, businesses looking to improve their email marketing efforts should consider using an email warmup service. With increased email deliverability, engagement, revenue, reputation, and cost-effectiveness, an email warmup service is a valuable investment that can provide a significant return.

    The best thing about Warmy’s trial guide is that it helps anyone warm up their email in an easy, straightforward way. It takes the guesswork and stress out of deciding which emails to send when and who to target with what. 

    You’ll have full peace of mind knowing that you are sending the most efficient email campaigns possible to achieve the goals you want. Plus, the price point is unbeatable considering what a low cost it is compared to other marketing automation tools out there. 

    So if you’re looking for an effective way to put your email campaigns on overdrive, then try Warmy’s trial today. You won’t regret taking the plunge and seeing all the positive results it has on your business!

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