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Overview of popular email providers and which companies will use them.

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    We all use email to perform various tasks such as business correspondence, blogging, job applications, personal use, and so on. A truly staggering number of emails are sent per day – about 200 billion.

    Currently, providers such as Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook are still the most popular among users. But the choice of email services is extensive. Do you want free mail or are you willing to pay for extra security? All of this can be found in our roundup of popular email services.

    Comprehensive analysis of leading email providers

    Google Workspace


    Google Workspace is the best email provider in terms of overall features.

    Google Workspace is a world-famous corporate email system that allows you to create mailboxes on your own domain. A powerful feature of Google Workspace is the built-in office document and spreadsheet editing applications that support manual and batch editing in real-time.

    Account administrators can manage connected accounts, set access rights, and check the editing history of files and documents. To store corporate data securely in the cloud, Google Workspace allows you to use two-factor authentication using applications or special tokens. In total, Google Workspace brings together more than 17 different services from Google with access from any device on the cloud.

    Zoho mail

    Zoho mail is an email service used to manage multiple domains. This system is accessible from any device and offers opportunities for communication within the company and with its customers. This platform is great for working in public organizations, freelancers, and various types of businesses. Therefore, it is focused on professionals.

    For the price, Zoho Mail Premium is a good option for small businesses. The additional costs will be less than others on this list, as long as the number of employees in your account does not exceed five.

    Zoho Mail does not display any add-ons that protect the client’s privacy. Unlike Gmail, this email has started to work offline using Google’s tools. Zoho Mail provides options to block email based on IP address, domain or content information.

    Outlook and Microsoft 365


    Outlook.com is another popular free email service from Microsoft. You can easily connect to various social networks from your email account, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files. It also provides a very clear and simple interface. Folders and tools can be found on the left, the contents of the current folder are usually in the center, and as for the preview pane, it’s on the right. But unlike Gmail, Outlook provides better privacy for its users.

    Microsoft 365 is a great paid plan choice for large and medium-sized businesses. Costs Justified by teamwork, file sharing, support, and high security.

    Yahoo Mail


    Yahoo Mail from Yahoo is also considered one of the most successful email services among Internet users. These days it competes with the leader Gmail. The greatest impression is made by the volume of a free mailbox – 1 terabyte. By subscribing to Yahoo Mail, you get large email storage, unlimited messaging, newsreader access, and of course social networking. 

    Yahoo Mail is also good at blocking spam. Detecting some unwanted messages automatically puts them in the trash.

    Yahoo Mail can be used by both large companies and smaller companies.


    In all likelihood, Gmail is the most popular and widely used email provider in the world. It has many features for users and at the same time is very easy to use. The Gmail web interface is one of the main highlights. Most of the screen is dedicated to the inbox with a minimal toolbar. Everything is made for clear and simple use.

    Messages can be automatically filtered into three categories: home, social networks, and advertising. This will help you focus on the content you really need. And of course, spam blocking prevents spam from being stored in your inbox, as well as 15GB of cloud storage for your inbox and photos.

    Often, free Gmail is used as personal mail or very small companies without a budget for an email provider.



    American Online, or AOL, is a free email service. It has a simple interface and a mobile app to access your mail. However, it does not have many tools and functions. For example, you won’t have a message translator and you won’t be able to import contacts from social networks directly into your address folder. But the good thing is that AOL has unlimited inbox space.

    AOL Mail has surprisingly strong security features with adjustable spam filter strength.

    The free version of AOL Mail is hard to recommend for businesses. To be honest, most of the other options on this list do the same but better. The advantage of AOL Mail is spam filtering and user support.



    While not as well known, GMX is also a very reliable and efficient email for creating disposable accounts. If you use GMX, you get unlimited inbox space and can attach files up to 50MB. It also includes an auto-responder that automatically sends replies to received messages. Mail also lets you import Facebook contacts directly into your address book. However, GMX has one drawback – it is too full of different additions.


    There is also an alternative option for large companies – to rent their own server and deploy an email server on it. This is perhaps the most correct option, but also the most expensive since hardware costs money, software costs money, a system administrator costs money, and the level of support service will depend on your system administrator. For large companies, this is the best option, since it solves issues of security, reliability, and scalability, but you need to invest money in it, and be sure to create an IT Service desk line within the company.

    Despite the fact that today more than 80% of e-mail is spam, this type of communication is still one of the most actively used in the world.

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