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SMTP Email Error 471 - How to Resolve [SOLVED]

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    Email is still a vital instrument for company operations in the digital communication sphere, hence email systems must run well. Nevertheless, occasionally users run into SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) email problems that might impede this flow, causing delays and even the loss of crucial correspondence. Among such problems is SMTP Email Error 471, which can confuse even seasoned email users and IT specialists. Maintaining effective email correspondence and making sure your messages get to the people you want them to receive quickly require an understanding of and ability to fix this problem. We will go into great depth on SMTP Email Error 471 in this post, including its causes, effects, and thorough fixes to help you quickly and efficiently get your email system back on track.

    What is SMTP email error 471

    SMTP Email Error 471 typically manifests as a message that might appear during the email sending process, often displayed in an email client or server log. The error message generally reads something akin to

    “471 An error occurred during sending; the mail server will close the connection,”


    “471 Temporary local problem – please try later.”

    This indicates that the email has not been successfully sent and that an issue has occurred that prevents the completion of the sending process.

    The appearance of Error 471 specifically points to a transient issue within the server or network, suggesting that the problem may be temporary. It is often related to server overload, maintenance, or other temporary conditions affecting the server’s ability to process emails. While the error is not necessarily a permanent fault, it disrupts communication and requires immediate attention to prevent further communication delays and to maintain the integrity and reliability of email services. Understanding that this error signals a hiccup in the usual flow of SMTP transactions is the first step in troubleshooting and resolving the issue to restore normal email functionality.

    Causes of SMTP email error 471

    Sending emails smoothly can be hampered by a number of reasons, all of which might cause SMTP Email Error 471. Effective diagnosis and solution of the problem need an understanding of these reasons. Among the most often occurring triggers are as follows:

    1. One of the most common reasons of SMTP Email Error 471 is Server Overload. Intense simultaneous queries could overload the mail server and cause brief outbound email handling issues. Particularly prevalent in shared hosting settings where resources are shared by several users is this.
    2. Another typical cause is Incorrect SMTP Configuration Settings. This could be wrong server names, ports, or authentication information the email client needs to connect to the server. A wrong configuration of these settings could cause the server to reject the connection attempt and produce an error.
    3.  SMTP Email Error 471 may also result from Email Server Reputation Issues if the transmitting server has been reported or blacklisted for sending spam. In order to shield consumers from spam and harmful content, ISPs and email providers keep an eye on the reputation of sending servers. Emails with a bad reputation may be momentarily refused in order to protect the network and its users.
    4. Maintenance or Technical Issues on the Server. The email server may occasionally have technical problems or continuous maintenance. Email delivery may momentarily be hampered at certain times since servers may not be able to handle queries as normal.
    5. Resource Limitations. Sometimes the problem results from server configuration or hosting provider-imposed resource limits. Caps on the amount of emails sent per hour or bandwidth limits that, when reached, can result in a brief error from the server until resources are once more accessible are examples of these limitations.

    SMTP Email Error 471 can be fixed and regular email operations restored by users taking the necessary actions to find the root cause. Knowing these reasons is essential to the resolution process because each one calls for a different method of troubleshooting and repair.

    Step-by-Step Solutions to Resolve SMTP Email Error 471

    For Gmail

    1. Check Server Settings:

      • Ensure that you are using the correct SMTP server settings for Gmail: smtp.gmail.com.
      • Verify that the port number is set to 465 for SSL or 587 for TLS.
    2. Enable Less Secure Apps:

      • If using less secure email clients, you might need to enable access for less secure apps in your Gmail settings online.
    3. Verify Your Credentials:

      • Double-check your username and password. Ensure that two-factor authentication is configured properly if enabled.

    For Outlook

    1. Verify Server Settings:

      • Make sure the outgoing mail server (SMTP) setting is correct, typically smtp-mail.outlook.com.
      • Use port 587 with TLS encryption.
    2. Check Your Authentication Settings:

      • Ensure that the ‘My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication’ option is checked.
      • Choose ‘Use same settings as my incoming mail server’.
    3. Inspect Your Account Settings:

      • In Account Settings, under the ‘Email’ tab, repair the email account by using the ‘Repair’ option, which can automatically fix server setting errors.

    For Yahoo

    1. Confirm SMTP Configuration:

      • Ensure the SMTP server address is smtp.mail.yahoo.com and the port is set to 465 with SSL or 587 with TLS.
    2. Authentication Check:

      • Verify that your login credentials are correct and that your account settings are configured to authenticate the SMTP server.
    3. Review Account Security:

      • Make sure that any option similar to Gmail’s ‘Allow less secure apps’ is enabled if you are using a third-party email client.

    General Troubleshooting Steps for Other Email Services

    1. Restart Your Email Client:

      • Sometimes, simply restarting your email client or device can resolve temporary connectivity issues.
    2. Update Your Email Client:

      • Ensure that your email client is up-to-date, as patches and updates can fix bugs that may be causing the SMTP error.
    3. Contact Your ISP or Hosting Provider:

      • Sometimes the issue may stem from your Internet Service Provider or hosting service. They can provide specific information if there’s a known issue affecting email services.
    4. Check for Blacklists:

      • If your email server has been blacklisted, this could be causing SMTP errors. Use online tools to check if your server’s IP address is blacklisted and seek removal if necessary. You can easily check if your domain or IP gets listed here.
    5. Consult Technical Support:

      • If the issue persists, consider reaching out to technical support for your email service or a professional IT service for further assistance.

    How email deliverability servise. like Warmy.io can help

    warmy dashboard

    Using an email warm-up service like Warmy.io can be instrumental in preventing SMTP Email Error 471 and ensuring the health of your email deliverability. Email warm-up services are designed to gradually increase the volume of emails sent from a new or cold email address to build its reputation with email service providers, thereby minimizing the chances of being flagged for spam or facing sending errors.

    Warmy.io offers several features that directly contribute to improving the deliverability of emails and preventing issues like SMTP Email Error 471:

    email spam test

    Warmy.io offers an evaluation of your email settings and practices for free. This test helps to find any possible problems, such bad setup or material that sets off spam filters, that could prevent your email from getting to the inbox.

    The IP address of your email server being blacklisted is one of the typical reasons of SMTP Email Error 471. Warmy.io looks up whether your IP address is on any blacklists and, if so, offers instructions on how to fix the problem. By being proactive in keeping an eye on your blacklist standing, you can move quickly to make sure your emails keep getting sent.

    domain blacklist

    In conclusion, the pivotal role of email deliverability in the realm of Salesforce cannot be overstated. As a cornerstone of customer relationship management, the ability to ensure that emails not only reach their intended recipients but also engage them effectively is paramount. Salesforce, with its robust suite of CRM tools, lays a solid foundation for businesses to connect with their audience. However, the journey towards maximizing the effectiveness of these communications extends beyond the capabilities inherent within Salesforce.

    SPF generator

    Making sure your emails are viewed as real and not as possible spam depends on proper email authentication. Freeware tools from Warmy.io allow you to create records for DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance) and SPF (Sender Policy Framework). Protecting your email domain against email spoofing and making sure that ISPs validate your emails upon receipt depend on these records.


    or more complex issues or tailored advice, Warmy.io provides access to email deliverability consultants. These experts can offer personalized guidance and strategic solutions tailored to your specific needs and challenges. Consulting with a professional can help you optimize your email setup, refine your email practices, and resolve any issues that could lead to errors like SMTP Email Error 471.


    Reliability and effectiveness of your email communications depend on your handling of SMTP Email Error 471. As we have shown, there are a number of causes of this error, such as server overload, misconfigured SMTP, or even concerns with the reputation of the email server. Through knowledge of the reasons and use of the thorough, step-by-step fixes offered, you can efficiently diagnose and fix this problem, so restoring the operation of your email system.

    Reducing future occurrences of SMTP Email Error 471 and other associated problems requires proactive management of your email environment. Your email management strategy can be much improved by using specialist services like Warmy.io. Using its extensive toolkit, which includes email deliverability testing, blacklist monitoring, and SPF and DMARC record producers, Warmy.io not only helps fix SMTP issues but also enhances email deliverability generally. Warmy.io email deliverability experts can offer further customized solutions to guarantee the strength and resilience of your email systems.

    All things considered, the operations of any company depend on having seamless email correspondence. Using cutting-edge tools and services like Warmy.io and understanding and resolving SMTP Email Error 471 can help you protect your email communications from interruptions and maintain the continuous success and connection of your company.

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