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How to connect Amazon SES to Warmy.io

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    Do you want to boost your email marketing campaigns? Warmy.io is a handy and simple tool that can help give your mailing list a powerful boost! 

    Connect it with Amazon SES and gain access to SMTP support for superior delivery of your emails worldwide. In this blog post, we’ll walk through the process of connecting Amazon SES to Warmy.io so you can start engaging more effectively and efficiently with your contacts. 

    We will go over step-by-step instructions as well as what type of advantages will follow when using one platform over another. Keep reading if you’re ready to take your email marketing campaign up a few notches!

    Amazonses.com emails end up in spam. What to do?

    If you have been experiencing issues with your emails being marked as spam while using Amazon SES, then it is imperative to consider warming up your amazonses.com account. This can be done by gradually increasing your sending volume over time and ensuring that your emails are being sent to high-quality recipients who regularly engage with your content.

    By taking a gradual approach, you allow email service providers to build trust with your sending domain and recognize its legitimacy. This reduces the risk of your emails being rejected or marked as spam, thereby improving your email deliverability and open rate.

    To successfully connect Amazon SES to Warmy.io and warm up your account, you must first ensure that your DNS settings are configured correctly. This involves verifying your domain and setting up the necessary records, including DKIM and SPF.

    Once your DNS settings are properly configured, you can start to gradually increase your sending volume and monitor your email deliverability closely. Consider segmenting your recipient list and only sending emails to those who have recently engaged with your content. This will help to minimize the risk of spam complaints and improve your sender reputation over time.

    In addition to warming up your account, it is important to regularly monitor your sending metrics and adjust your strategy as needed. This may include tweaking your send frequency, refining your email content, and optimizing your targeting.

    Overall, warming up your Amazon SES account is a critical step towards improving your email deliverability and ensuring that your messages reach the intended audience. By following best practices and taking a patient approach, you can establish a strong sender reputation and see greater success with your email campaigns.

    How to connect Amazon SES

    This tutorial will show you how to connect your Amazon SES mailbox to Warmy and start a warm-up

    Step 1. Create Amazon SES

    At the top of the screen, select Amazon SES (Amazon Simple Email Service).

    Amazon SES

    Click the Create New Object button and follow the on-screen instructions to create your Amazon SES object.

    Following the instructions connect your domain or email address to Amazon SES

    Аfter your domain or e-mail address has been added, it must be verified.

    In the case of an e-mail address, this happens in such a way that you will receive an e-mail to the address that you added to Amazon SES.

    In the case of your own domain, you will need to go through several setup steps that will be indicated on the screen. After passing the check, go to the </Amazon SES/> tab in the upper left corner, click </Configuration → Verified identities/> and check if everything has been verified

    Amazon SES

    If your email address is “Verified”, go to the </Amazon SES → SMTP settings/> and click on the [Create SMTP credentials] button

    Next, follow the instructions displayed on your device’s monitor in the field called [ IAM User Name: ] provide a name for example [ IAM User Name: [ ses-smtp-user-warmy ] ] then click the [ Create ] button in the lower right corner after which you will see the → [ Show User SMTP Security Credentials ] text click on it and save the data

    After that, return to the </Amazon SES → SMTP settings/> tab and save the data you can see in Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) settings → SMTP endpoint → </ email-smtp.eu-west-1.amazonaws.com />

    When you have everything ready, you go to your account on the page warmy.io

    click on [ + Add Mailbox ] and click on join [ Amazon SES ], then click on the[ SMTP form ]

    In the <SMTP username> field, enter the data you saved earlier, namely these “SMTP Username”:


    In the <SMTP password*> field, enter the password that you saved and generated earlier like this “SMTP Password”:


    Next, in the <SMTP host*> field, copy the same SMTP host that you saved also like this “email-smtp.eu-west-1.amazonaws.com”

    Enter the name of the sender in the <“Send from” name> field

    In the <Email password*> field, your password from your email address, namely from your Amazon account

    In the <Email address*> field, enter the email address that you added to Amazon SES and passed the verification

    You can also connect your mailbox to IMAP to receive and handle incoming e-mails (this will be good for warming up). To do this, specify in the IMAP fields the data from the mailbox you specified in the <Email address> field. If it is mailbox Gmail (as in the example), then you need to enter the application password in the field <IMAP password> which you can generate in the cabinet Gmail, in other cases simply enter the password from the mailbox that has the ability to receive e-mails. And in the field <IMAP host> you need to specify the host of the incoming mail which is given by the provider, in our case it is Gmail: “imap.gmail.com”

    The ability to connect Amazon SES to Warmy.io is easier and less expensive than ever before. With the help of Warmy.io, you can easily and efficiently ensure proper delivery of all your emails without having to worry about additional costs. 

    Your messages will be sent out on time and with accuracy, allowing you to optimize your communication system for success. You will no longer have to struggle with complicated email setup or pre-pay for services that might not deliver the results they promise. 

    With just a few steps, you can now make sure that all your messages are properly sent and received every single time with Amazon SES integrated with Warmy.io!


    Are you tired of facing spam issues while using Amazon SES for email campaigns and promotions? Do you wish to ensure that your emails are delivered and received by your customers’ inboxes without being detected as spam? If so, then it’s time to connect your Amazon SES account with the industry-leading email infrastructure solution, Warmy.io!

    By incorporating Warmy.io’s advanced email warm-up techniques, you can easily improve your sender reputation and increase the deliverability of your emails. With Warmy.io’s sophisticated email sending infrastructure, you can rest assured that your emails will reach your customers and land in their inboxes instead of being caught by spam filters.

    So, why wait? Don’t let spam diminish the effectiveness of your email campaigns. Connect your Amazon SES account with Warmy.io today to warm up your email sender reputation and ensure successful email delivery. Get ready to enjoy better results, happier customers, and a thriving business!

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