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Barracuda blacklist: How To Remove your IP from it

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    If you are watching the reputation of your domain, you probably know what IP blacklists are. There are many articles on this topic on our blog in the Deliverability of Emails section. 

    In this blog post let’s talk about the Barracuda email blacklist and how to remove your IP from Barracuda blacklist

    What is the Barracuda blacklist?

    Barracuda blacklist

    The Barracuda blacklist is a real-time blacklist (RBL) maintained by Barracuda Networks, a company that provides email security solutions. The blacklist contains a list of IP addresses and domains that have been identified as sources of spam, phishing, malware, and other types of malicious email.

    When an email server receives a message from an IP address or domain that is listed on the Barracuda blacklist, it may reject the message or mark it as spam. This helps email administrators protect their users from receiving unwanted or potentially dangerous emails.

    The Barracuda blacklist is just one of many RBLs that email servers can use to filter incoming emails. Other popular RBLs include the Spamhaus blacklist, the SURBL blacklist, and the DNSBL blacklist.

    Why is your IP on the Barracuda blacklist?

    Generally, IP addresses can be blacklisted for a variety of reasons, including:

    1. Sending spam

    If an IP address is found to be sending large volumes of unsolicited email, it may be added to a blacklist.

    2. Hosting malicious content

    If an IP address is associated with websites or other online resources that distribute malware or engage in other forms of malicious activity, it may be blacklisted.

    3. Compromised devices

    If a computer or other device on a network is infected with malware that uses the device to send spam or engage in other malicious activity, the IP address associated with the device may be blacklisted.

    4. Poor email sending practices

    If an organization or individual does not follow best practices for email sending, such as having a clear opt-in process, providing a way to unsubscribe, or using accurate “From” and “Reply-To” addresses, their IP address may be flagged as a source of spam or fraudulent email.

    Being blacklisted can cause email delivery problems and other issues, so it’s important to maintain good email-sending practices and regularly monitor your IP address’s status on blacklists. If you are listed on a blacklist, take appropriate steps to investigate and address the root cause of the issue and request removal from the blacklist.

    How to check if my IP is on the Barracuda blacklist?

    If you suspect that your IP address or domain is listed on the Barracuda blacklist, you can check its status by following these steps:

    1. Follow this link – IP / Domain Lookups

    2. Enter your IP address or domain in the appropriate field and click on the “Lookup” button.

    3. Barracuda Central will display the current status of your IP address or domain on the Barracuda blacklist. If the IP address or domain is listed, you will see this text:

    The IP address xxx.xxx.xx.xx is currently listed as “poor” on the Barracuda Reputation System.

    It’s important to note that being listed on the Barracuda blacklist is just one potential reason for email delivery issues. If you are experiencing problems with email delivery, you may need to investigate other potential causes as well, such as issues with your email configuration or problems with the recipient’s email server.

    How can I remove IP from Barкacuda blacklist?

    To request the removal of your IP address from the Barracuda blacklist, follow these steps:

    1. Visit the Barracuda Central website and click on the “Blacklist Removal” link located at the top of the page or follow this link – Removal Request

    2. Enter your IP address or domain in the appropriate field and provide your email address, phone number, and an optional reason for removal. Then click on the “Submit Request” button.

    3. Once you have submitted the removal request, you should receive a confirmation email from Barracuda Central. It can take up to 24 hours for your IP address to be removed from the blacklist, so be patient.

    It’s important to note that simply requesting removal from the Barracuda blacklist does not guarantee that your IP address will be removed. Barracuda Central will review your request and take appropriate action based on their policies and procedures. To avoid being blacklisted in the future, be sure to follow best practices for email sending, regularly monitor your email delivery and reputation, and take prompt action to address any issues that arise.

    The second way is even easier, if you want to monitor your email deliverability and improve it, the easiest way is to use a tool like Warmy.

    Warmy is a tool for warm-up emails and improving email deliverability.

    With it, you can track whether your IP is on blacklists, such as Barracuda and many others. To do this, you just need to do a free email deliverability test.

    IP blacklist

    Warmy also will then display a comprehensive report, offering insights into your email deliverability rates with various providers, any blacklisting of your domain (such as on Spamhaus SBL), and details about your DNS records.

    email spam test


    We hope our guide will help you remove your API from the backlist.

    Remember that it is better to monitor your domain reputation and your email deliverability than to remove your API from blacklisting, as getting your API blacklisted can cause significant damage to your domain, and fixing the sender’s reputation is difficult.

    That’s why we always advise our clients to use our Warmy tool, which will help you fix your domain reputation and see possible problems in a timely manner.

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