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A Synergistic Alliance: Benefits of AddShoppers and Warmy's Collaboration

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    Exploring the advantages of AddShoppers and Warmy's collaboration

    In the digital landscape, the importance of effective email communication cannot be overstated. Companies like AddShoppers and Warmy have recognized this and have formed a strategic partnership to enhance email deliverability, creating a win-win situation for both parties and their clients.

    AddShoppers, established in 2011, has a mission to create and acquire digital assets that save shoppers time and money. With over $100M in recovered lost revenue and trust from thousands of brands, AddShoppers has a network of over 175 million shoppers. The company operates two brands: SafeOpt and Minty. 

    SafeOpt ensures users never miss a verified offer from their favorite brands and is designed to protect and keep users in control of their data. Minty, on the other hand, is a shopping companion that helps users discover new brands and finds the best offers available at over 15,000 stores.

    On the other side of this partnership is Warmy, an innovative email warm-up service that helps companies and their clients improve their email deliverability and avoid spam. By sending regular, automated emails between users’ accounts, Warmy gradually increases the reputation of these accounts with email service providers, reducing the likelihood of their emails being marked as spam.

    The collaboration between AddShoppers and Warmy has resulted in a mutually beneficial partnership. For AddShoppers, this collaboration allows them to offer their clients an additional layer of protection against spam filters. Warmy’s service fits seamlessly into their existing suite of services, enhancing their ability to ensure that their clients’ emails reach their intended recipients.

    Benefits of using an email deliverability service like Warmy

    The benefits of using an email deliverability service like Warmy for companies like AddShoppers are manifold.

    ✅ It helps improve the deliverability of emails, ensuring that important communications reach their intended recipients. 

    ✅ It also helps avoid emails being marked as spam, which can significantly impact a company’s reputation and its ability to communicate effectively with its customers. 

    ✅ Furthermore, Warmy’s email deliverability audits can identify and solve problems with spam filters and the spam folder, ensuring a smooth email communication process.


    In conclusion, the cooperation between AddShoppers and Warmy is a prime example of how businesses can collaborate to enhance their services and provide better solutions to their clients. This partnership not only benefits the two companies but also sets a new standard for email deliverability solutions in the industry.

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