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    Warmy.io presented our email deliverability service on Product Hunt.

    We want to share with you the features of launching a startup on the Product Hunt service, using the example of our Warmy product.

    By now, Product Hunt has already become an integral part of the launch of every startup. With a community of tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, business angels, and tech journalists, you should definitely try to pitch your offer to this audience.

    Every day, about 100 different products are registered in this service, but only the TOP-5 of them receive universal recognition.

    Here is our product on Product Hunt – Warmy.io

    We became #3 in a day, which is a very good result!

    Step-by-step plan for how to do a Product Hunt launch


    We prepared for a long time, about half a year, but active preparation took about a month.

    First, you need to understand if your product is suitable for the Product Hunt audience and study similar products, this is easy to do by topic.

    Register the personal profiles of each team membe

    1. Explore the platform and register the personal profiles of each team member, then on launch day, you can add them as product creators to your product page.

    2. There are two launch options - on your own or with the help of Hunter.

    Hunter is a famous person on Product Hunt with a large audience.

    We launched with the help of Hunter. And we advise all beginners to do so. There is a list of hunters on the Internet, you can find their contacts and write them a letter. We did just that, launched a mailing list and found our hunter.

    3. Pre-make a video about your product

    Videos are always much better and more conversion than just screenshots.

    4. Find groups on FB, Linkedin, and Slack and join them.

    From experience we can say that we were not very active in these groups, so not all groups published our posts.

    Therefore, we advise you to do it in advance, become the life of this community, comment on the posts, upvote the products presented there, and like the posts. This point is very important because such groups are real people who will vote for your product.

    5. Think of a list of all your acquaintances and friends.

    It is better that they register on Product Hunt not on voting day, although such votes are also counted, they do not have the weight that can play a decisive role.As we noticed, reviews from new accounts did not all appear on the page, Product Hunt keeps a close eye on this.

    Therefore, make instructions on how to register on Product Hunt and send it to your friends and acquaintances in advance. So that on the voting day they can do it easily and have the opportunity not only to vote but also to leave positive feedback.

    6. Prepare a list of emails of your existing customers and potential ones.

     On launch day, you need to make a mailing list so that they can vote for you. We also did a pre-email saying that we would be launching on Product Hunt soon.

    7. You can also pre-publish on Product Hunt.

    This is the subscription page where you can collect subscriptions from users who later on will simply see that your product has been launched. That’s pretty good pre-preparation. 

    8. About a week or two before the launch, you can start posting about the upcoming launch on your social media page.

    We did it on Linkedin, Twitter, and FB, including in the thematic groups of FB, Instagram, our Slack and Telegram channel, Pinterest, Google my business, and in our community on Quora.

    9. Prepare in advance:

    – Tagline: Describe what your product does in under 60 characters. Be specific!

    – Description: Add a 1–2 sentence description of your product that appears under the gallery images to give users a little more information about what you’re working on. Short, to-the-point sentences work best!

    – Makers: When possible, always add the usernames of everyone that worked on the product – personal accounts only. This allows them to join the conversation and receive recognition for their hard work.

    – Maker Comment: Briefly introduce yourself, the team, and the problem that you’re solving. In a total of 3–4 sentences explain what the value prop is, what’s the use case, who it’s for, and why you are building it.

    -Media: You can add links from around the web related to your product. Add any news publications, Medium articles, product reviews, or funding announcements in this section to help people learn more about your product/company.

    – Offers: Offer a discount to those who buy your offer on launch day.

    10. Distribute the roles in the team

    Who will respond to comments in the Product Hunt itself, and who will be on social networks or directly on the site itself.

    Product Hunt Launch Day

    1. This Day starts at 00.00 Pacific Time and lasts exactly 24 hours. During this period of time, everyone can come in and vote for your product.
    After your product appears on Product Hunt, copy the link and start promoting it on all your channels.

    1. Friends and acquaintances – do not forget to send instructions. For example, a person should visit the site and it is desirable to watch your video and then only press the upvote button.

    Important – do not do everything at the same time, if the growth in the number of votes is too sharp in a short period of time, Product Hunt may consider this a scam.

    2. Social media posts with a link to your product. You don’t need to directly ask to vote, it’s better to just share the joy of your event and offer to support you.

    3. Launch a mailing list to your customers with a link to your voting page.

    4. Don’t forget to change the link in your bio to a Product Hunt link on your Instagram.

    5. Make posts in all thematic groups of FB and Linkedin.

    6. Respond to all comments and questions on your product launch page and social media.

    7. Ask all your friends and employees of your company to retweet your post on Twitter.

    8. During the day, you can post photos of the progress of your launch, and share your results, but do not overdo it so that it does not look like spam. It is better to make such posts on your personal pages.

    9. In case of a successful launch, you will have to spend the whole night answering questions and expressing gratitude for all the blog posts and tweets. Make a schedule in advance of who will be on duty and at what time.

    A few nuances:

    1. Cheat votes. We faced such a question, it certainly can be, but we decided to abandon it since there is a risk of sanctions and a ban. With this method, you can lose the product on this page and humiliate yourself steeply.

    During the day, we were in 5th place, then 7th then moved to 4th place and at the end of the day, we were firmly in 5th place. We noticed a suspicious increase in the votes of our competitors that day, they may have been cheated, but we do not know for sure.

    But by the end of the day, we sharply moved up to 3rd place and ended the day with exactly this result. Perhaps by the end of the day, Product Hunt itself checks which votes have weight and reduces the weight of those that are hyped.

    This is the way our company has gone, we can say it was a wonderful experience, there were experiences and, of course, very great joy from the result.


    In conclusion, launching a product on Product Hunt can be a transformative step for entrepreneurs and startups. This guide has walked you through each critical stage of the process, from the initial brainstorming and idea generation to the final launch and post-launch activities. By understanding the importance of meticulous planning, product development, strategic marketing, and community engagement, you can maximize your product’s visibility and appeal on Product Hunt.

    Remember, success on Product Hunt is not just about a single day of launch; it’s about building a lasting impression and a supportive community. Engage actively with the Product Hunt community, respond to feedback, and use this platform as a springboard for future growth. By following these steps and embracing the spirit of innovation and collaboration that Product Hunt fosters, you’re not just launching a product – you’re launching a journey towards greater visibility, user engagement, and business success. Let your launch on Product Hunt be the start of something big, a milestone in your entrepreneurial journey that opens doors to new opportunities and achievements.

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