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14 Tips For Writing An Excellent Email Subject Line + Examples

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    A successful email campaign is essential to capture the attention of customers, and a strong subject line gives subscribers that first impression. 

    Crafting an intriguing subject line is paramount – it’s what entices subscribers out among hundreds of inbox competitors! Ultimately, this will make or break your entire campaign’s success. Take advantage by investing time into cleverly thought-out headlines – one small adjustment could be all you need for success!

    Over 35% of email recipients are making decisions to open emails based solely on the subject line. Careful crafting is essential for captivating readers and enticing them into action!

    Best practices to write the perfect email subject line

    1. Keep it short and sweet

    Email subject lines should be no longer than 50 characters, or 5-7 words, in order to ensure your message will be seen in its entirety when a recipient checks their inbox.

    2. Personalize the subject line

    Use personalization tools such as merge tags to add the recipient’s first name to the subject line. This will grab their attention and make them feel important.

    3. Use action words

    Email subject lines should be clear, concise, and prompt recipients to take action. Try using words like ‘discover’, ‘learn’, or ‘unlock’ in your subject lines to increase open rates.

    4. Create a sense of urgency

    Use words like ‘today’, ‘now’, or ‘limited time only’ to create a sense of urgency and prompt recipients to open the email right away.

    Email providers are getting smarter at detecting spammy subject lines. Avoid using words such as ‘free’, ‘buy’, or ‘guarantee’.

    6. Ask questions

    Writing an open-ended question in your subject line can make it more intriguing for the reader, prompting them to open the email and find out more.

    7. Focus on benefits

    Email subject lines should focus on what’s in it for the reader. Let them know what they’ll gain or benefit from by opening your email.

    8. Offer exclusivity

    Use words such as ‘exclusive’, ‘VIP’, or ‘limited edition’ in your subject line to offer recipients something only available to a select few.

    9. Keep it relevant

    Email subject lines should be relevant to the content of the email, so recipients know exactly what they are getting when they open it.

    10. Try asking a question

    Questions give readers an incentive to open the email and find out more, while also giving you insight into their interests and preferences.

    11. Avoid repetition

    Your audience will get bored if you keep sending emails with the same subject line. Keep it fresh with new ideas and messaging.

    12. Consider localization

    Email subject lines should be localized, taking into account language, cultural context, and local trends.

    13. Test different versions

    Email marketing campaigns benefit from A/B testing, so try sending out two or more different versions of your email to see which performs best.

    14. Have fun

    Email subject lines can be creative, humorous, and engaging if done right. Try injecting some personality into your emails to stand out from the competition!

    These tips will help you craft excellent email subject lines that entice recipients to open them and take action! With a little bit of creativity and strategy, you can create successful email marketing campaigns that engage your audience and boost conversion rates.

    Top 20 email subject line examples:

    1. Unlock the secrets to success with _____

    2. Time is running out – Get _____ now!

    3. Discover how to _____ today!

    4. VIP offer: Get _____ for free!

    5. Uncover the latest trends in _____

    6. Upgrade your life with _____

    7. Limited time only – Get _____ now!

    8. Take control of your future with ____

    9. Exclusive offer: Try ____ risk-free!

    10. Learn how to ace ___ in no time!

    11. Get ahead with ____

    12. Surprise! Your ___ is here!

    13. Get your hands on the newest ___ now

    14. Don’t miss out – Claim your___ today!

    15. Harness the power of ____ to succeed!

    16. Be the first to get ____

    17. Become an expert in __ in no time!

    18. Level up with the best ___ around

    19. Make a change – Try___ today!

    20. Join us and unlock the secrets of ___!


    By following these tips and using our top 20 email subject line examples, you’ll be well on your way to creating powerful and effective email campaigns that capture the attention of your audience. Good luck!

    Have questions or need more tips? Contact us and we’ll be happy to help!

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