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What is the benefit of outreach?
Aleksei Puhachov
by Aleksei Puhachov
What is the benefit of outreach?

The Advantages of Outreach: Strengthening Connections and Impacting Communities


In this article, we will talk about outreach, a promising but underestimated sales tool that many mistakenly consider spam.


In fact, this is a great way to bring in new customers and partners, if you do everything right.What is "outreach"? Outreach (literally, “the act of reaching out”) is building relationships with an audience by sending out cold emails or messages.


A lot of marketers have received a couple of rejections and unanswered emails, often this tool is considered a waste of time.


But in fact, outreach is not spam at all and works great.


The purpose of these emails is to establish contact with a lead to whom you will be useful. Key message: “I assume that you have a need and I can help solve it. Shall we meet?" By doing so, you tell the potential client that you can help him, while learning whether he needs this help at all.


Important. Before launching a campaign, you must work out the client profile and understand who you are writing to.


Let's define why outreach is so useful?


1. Lead generation with no or low budget.

For a startup, this can be a great solution in choosing a sales tool. For established companies, this will also be a good additional lead channel.


2. Fast result.

When you launch a campaign, you get interested customers in 14-21 days, depending on the mailing plan


3. Helps you find product-market fit.

By testing a new feature or product, or making changes to a finished product, you can test whether the market is willing to pay for these solutions. Outreach is a way to hear your audience and understand the needs of the market.


4. Quality and relevant leads

Before mailing, you form a database of contacts - in fact, you choose leads yourself. The sales offer is much more likely to hit a relevant lead this way compared to inbound marketing.


5. Remote customer search

If your team works remotely or is even located in another country, and the physical presence of a person is not necessary for sales, outreach is the cheapest and fastest way to get a client.So, now we know that outreach is an effective outbound sales channel, which, with the right approach, becomes a key lead generation tool.



But there are a few rules to follow in order for your campaign to be successful:


1. You have familiarized yourself with your database of potential customers and know who to write to.

2. Planned distribution (introduction and follow-up emails)

3. Letters are personalized using snippets.

4. The text of the letters is lively, creative and with a call to action. More about writing letters

5. A tool was chosen for the convenience and automation of the campaign process. For example,

6. Your mails have a high reputation and are warmed up. Otherwise, you will often end up in the spam folder or send few emails per day. You can warm up your mails on

7. The campaign is sent during the hours when the recipient is active, for the fastest response. Check with the client's time zone.


If all the points are completed and everything is done correctly, then expect the best results and new transactions. Good luck!