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What is email marketing and what are its benefits?
Inna Sabada
by Inna Sabada
What is email marketing and what are its benefits?

An Comprehensive Overview of Email Marketing: Understanding Its Definition, Mechanisms, and the Array of Benefits It Offers to Businesses


Email marketing is a powerful tool for businesses to reach their target audience and deliver messages that drive engagement, sales, and revenue. With all of the advantages this digital marketing technique offers companies of every size, from small businesses to large corporations - it has become more popular over the years.


In this blog post we’ll break down what email marketing is, why it’s so beneficial, and how you can use it to your advantage. Whether you are just beginning with email or have been using it for some time now - there will be something in here for everyone!



Email marketing is communication between a company and a client via email.


With it, you can:

- Notify about sales;

- Motivate for subsequent purchases;

- Return lost customers;

- Receive positive feedback;

- The average check is increasing, the lifetime of the client is increasing, failures are decreasing, the level of brand awareness is growing, etc.


Email marketing is one of the cheapest and fastest-growing business tools. The cost of customer acquisition through email marketing is, on average, 3 times lower than through remarketing channels.


You need to understand that emails are not spam. Recall that spam is a message sent to a subscriber without their consent. We urge you to legally collect a subscriber base and make mailings only to those who have given their consent.


Base and segmentation


First, we collect all the contacts in the subscriber base. Its quality affects the effectiveness of the entire email marketing channel. The client collects a good database himself: he scrupulously sends Double Opt-In and takes care of loyal customers.


Segmentation in email marketing is essential to increase conversions. It grows if the subscriber receives an offer by his needs. At the same time, the number of openings (Open Rate, OR) and conversions (Conversion Rate, CR) increases.



Why and why email marketing is needed for business:


1. Cheapness and quick payback of the tool


The tool is available to everyone due to its low cost and high payback. Usually, the monthly subscription price for using the email newsletter service depends on the size of the database. The larger the subscriber base, the more expensive the package will be.


2. Availability of potential customers


Almost every Internet user has e-mail today. That is why email marketing is considered one of the most effective promotion tools because all potential customers are ready to buy a product. You just need to be able to competently lead them to this purchase.


3. Increase repeat business


Regular email newsletters allow you to constantly be in touch with the audience, increasing brand loyalty and preventing the user from forgetting about the product. Therefore, by constantly warming up the interest of the existing user base with useful mailings, the company gets more chances for repeat sales.


4. Ability to connect additional marketing tools to influence the user


The database of email addresses used for mailing will help you set up contextual and targeted advertising. After all, knowing the user"s postal address, it is quite easy to find it on social networks and in the Google and Yandex display networks. Therefore, it will not be difficult to launch advertising campaigns on such a database.


5. Maintaining the company's image


An equally important point. When a brand has active mailing lists, social networks, an internal blog is regularly updated and it constantly “flickers” in the external environment (published in the media or participates in events), this automatically creates a feeling of the company’s “liveness” in the existing and potential client, its success and demand on the market.



What are the benefits of email marketing


1. Savings on specialists. Many email marketing services provide their users with ready-made email templates. Therefore, if you are not yet ready to spend money on a designer and layout designer, arrange mailings using the tool.


2. Fast payback.


3. Process automation. It is enough to set up trigger emails once (in the future, just make changes as necessary) so that in the future such email newsletters will bring profit without the intervention of a marketer.


4. The recipient voluntarily agrees to the mailing. This suggests that he is waiting for letters from you and will read them. Contextual and targeted advertising “does not ask permission” for impressions. What often annoys users.


5. The recipient independently manages the distribution. At any time, he can unsubscribe from it, saving the company from unnecessary costs for sending letters that are not interesting to a certain audience.


6. Fast communication with the user. With the help of the mailing list, you can quite quickly notify your customers about urgent news: about changes in tariff plans, or about new arrivals of goods, or postponing the date of the event. Agree, that sending a letter with an alert in bulk is much more convenient than the mailing format for each one individually.



🔹 Email marketing is a great way to reach out to current and potential customers. It's cost effective and provides insight into customer behavior that can help inform business plans. Plus, it allows you to customize your messages to better suit your target audience.


Additionally, with email marketing you are able to track user engagement which can be extremely useful for measuring the success of campaigns as well as understanding which campaigns need improvement. Even though email marketing may seem like a daunting process at first, there are plenty of tools available that help build campaigns easily and efficiently - making it easier for businesses of any size to communicate with its customers over email.


All in all, if used properly, email marketing can be a powerful tool in allowing businesses of any size reach their goals unlike any other digital marketing strategy.