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No need to flee, it's totally free | How to Filtering Out Emails
Aleksei Puhachov
by Aleksei Puhachov
linkedin | How to Filtering Out Emails Comprehensive Guide: Advanced Techniques for Efficiently Filtering and Managing Your Emails


Warmy is based on generating an email activity between you and other Warmy users, so you'll receive emails from other users that are connected to Warmy.



Archiving emails


Incoming emails are automatically archived for 20 minutes and won't clutter up your mailboxes.


❗ You should not redirect, delete or otherwise combine with warm-up emails yourself, as this may violate the algorithms for simulating real correspondence. Receiving emails is a very important part of a good warm-up and gaining your reputation as a sender.


Filters are destroying your warm-up process!


BTW a special filter can harm all the warm-up processes - imagine all the users set a special filter to the word "Warmy" and put all the messages to a specific folder, just for these messages. What do you think? how will it affect the warm-up?


So after long research and development, we decided to automatically archive all the messages.


 How does it work?


1. A message landed in your inbox.

2. It will be there for 20 min approximately.

3. We will archive it.

4. If the email is part of a thread, the thread will be in the inbox until the thread finishes, and then we will archive it.


filter out


Filter out emails


If you don't want to see warm-up emails in your inbox at all, even for a short amount of time, you can resort to email display filtering.




Sign in to your account. Go to the mailbox dashboard you want to filter and click on Settings


filter out




Set a “Send from" name that you can filter in your mailbox. For example, add another letter in your name. Please do not include the word "Warmy"


filtering out




Now copy the "Send from" name, go to your inbox and set the filter to not display emails containing this name.


filtering out_1


filter out_3


With, filtering out warmup emails is easier than ever!


So go ahead and see why is the best solution when it comes to filter out emails and keeping your inbox clean. With a little bit of organization and on your side, you'll have the freedom to check only what's important - without getting lost in the noise of less relevant emails!


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