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Supercharge Your Email Deliverability with Warmy's Seedlisting Feature
Daniel Shnaider
by Daniel Shnaider
Supercharge Your Email Deliverability with Warmy's Seedlisting Feature

Unlock Maximum Email Deliverability Potential: Harnessing Warmy's Seedlisting Feature


Email deliverability is a critical factor for every sender, especially for those engaged in cold email campaigns. As a sender, you need to ensure that your emails are not only reaching the recipients' inboxes but also passing authentication checks and avoiding blocklists. 


That's where Warmy's seedlisting tests come into play, offering a powerful seedlisting feature that gives you the information to monitor your email deliverability. In this article, we'll explore how this integration can benefit your cold email campaigns without compromising on professionalism or deliverability.


Understanding the Seedlisting Feature


Warmy's seedlisting feature enables you to conduct inboxing tests across popular email service providers such as Gmail, Hotmail, AOL, Yahoo, and iCloud on the free version and more mailboxes service providers within the paid version . 


By sending test emails to these inboxes, you gain valuable insights into how your emails are treated by different platforms, allowing you to optimize your email content and delivery strategies or change what needs to be fixed.


Authentication Checks for Improved Deliverability


To ensure your emails pass authentication checks and avoid being marked as spam or be seen as a spoofing attempt, Warmy's seedlisting tests allow you to verify SPF, DKIM, and DMARC with the tool used to send the particular email tested. If you are using multiple tools to send emails with your domain-based email address, you can do multiple tests on a per tool basis. 


This will allow you to verify you are correctly authenticated with every single tool you use to send emails with your domain. These authentication protocols play a crucial role in building trust with email service providers and increasing the chances of your emails landing in the primary inbox.


Aggregate IP Monitoring and DNSBL Checks


Warmy goes a step further by aggregating all the IPs used in the test to send emails and received by the inboxes. This allows you to monitor the reputation and performance of your sending infrastructure. 


In addition, Warmy's integration performs DNSBL (Domain Name System Blocklist) checks to ensure your sender domain is not blacklisted as well. By staying proactive in monitoring these aspects, you can promptly identify and address any issues that may impact your deliverability.


Benefits of Using Warmy's Seedlisting Feature


1. Maximizing Inbox Placement. With Warmy's seedlisting feature, you can fine-tune your email content and delivery settings to increase the chances of your emails reaching the recipients' primary inboxes. This means a higher engagement rate and improved response to your cold email campaigns.


2. Maintaining Professionalism. Warmy's integration allows you to send test emails from inboxes, mimicking real-world scenarios. This approach ensures that your email deliverability optimization efforts are aligned with the recipient's experience and expectations. Your cold emails can still maintain a professional tone while benefiting from enhanced deliverability insights.


3. Resolving Deliverability Issues. If the IPs used to send your emails are on a blocklist for example, it can severely impact your email deliverability. Warmy's integration enables you to identify such issues and take corrective actions. By resolving deliverability roadblocks, you can ensure, you are notified, make the changes needed to your sending practices and that your email campaigns reach the intended recipients.


🔹 Email deliverability is vital for the success of any cold email campaign, and Warmy's Seedlisting Feature provides you with the necessary tools to optimize your email performance. 


With the seedlisting feature, authentication checks, aggregated IP monitoring, and DNSBL checks, you can proactively address deliverability challenges and maximize the impact of your cold email outreach efforts. 


Embrace this powerful integration, and witness a significant boost in your email deliverability while maintaining professionalism and respecting recipients' preferences.



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