How to know if your email has been read?
Inna Sabada
by Inna Sabada
How to know if your email has been read?

Perhaps everyone - at least once in their life - wanted to know if the letter had been read.


For example, if you sent a resume and are waiting for a response or participating in a competition. This is if you are a regular mail user.


What can we say about marketers who need this information to understand the effectiveness of the email campaign?


There are special extensions for this. Let"s look at the most popular options - how to find out if a letter has been read.


Let's start of the course with one of the most common email services - Gmail.


Gmail has several trackers to track the delivery of emails.



MailTrack is a free extension where you can add additional features to the premium version, such as email deliverability analytics and other important features.

You need to install the extension and register. Open the email box, and when creating a new letter, select two checkboxes at the bottom of the window. Check if extensions are enabled.


2. Unlimited Email Tracker

Unlimited Email Tracker is a tracker from for Gmail. Installation is not complicated, everything is almost the same as in MailTrack.


The second service we"ll talk about is Outlook.


Outlook does not require the installation of third-party extensions, to find out if your email sent from Outlook has been read, you need to select the appropriate options in the new email window: notify of delivery and read.


The third most popular service is Yandex.


Browser extension - "TrexPex". It"s free and easy to use. Install the extension, connect it, and after that, next to the recipient"s address, you will see two checkmarks. A yellow checkmark means that your letter has been requested by the addressee.


There is another good EmailTrack extension, which, by the way, is also suitable for Gmail. There is also free functionality.


Install the extension for Chrome. Register an account and in Yandex mail, you will see an icon of either an open envelope or a closed one.