How to integrate HubSpot with Warmy
Aleksei Puhachov
by Aleksei Puhachov
How to integrate HubSpot with Warmy

In this article, we will tell you and help you connect your Hubspot account to Warmy in the form of step-by-step instructions. After that, you can import your templates and warm them up with the click of a couple of buttons.



1. First you need to go to the Integrations page in your Warmy profile. Next, click on "+ Connect" on the Hubspot plate



2. A browser window will appear in which you will need to log in to your Hubspot account.




 3. Now, back on Warmy, you can see that you have successfully connected your Hubspot account.




4. Go to the Templates page and click on the Hubspot icon. This will import your Templates.




5. Now you can watch your Templates on Warmy. Imported templates are marked with a special icon




6. Next, you need to open the editing of your imported template and select the mailboxes that will warm it up. Then click "Save" and turn on the warm-up on the list of your Templates.




7. Also, on the Overview page, you can test the Open Rate of your Hubspot templates and watch how these indicators grow over time due to the warm-up.




Ready! Now you can take full advantage of the symbiosis of Warmy and Hubspot