How to increase email deliverability
Inna Sabada
by Inna Sabada
How to increase email deliverability

Today, email deliverability is the number one challenge for many brands building customer communications. The reason is that the idea of ​​large mail services (Gmail, Yandex, Yahoo, etc.) on how to evaluate the sender is very vague and cannot be clearly described.


In the previous article, we talked about what email deliverability is - What is email deliverability?


Today we’ll talk about how to increase email deliverability.


Here are some tips:


1. Spam. Your task is to avoid spam filters in email. We have a lot of articles on this topic on our blog, read them.

Each ISP has different e-mail content criteria that may activate their spam filters. For marketing and transactional emails, this could be simple typos, large attachments, inaccurate sender information, sending your emails to inactive addresses, and the sender having an extensive history of delivered unread emails.


2. Establish a clear subscription process, otherwise, your reputation may suffer.
Send emails only to your subscribers. No one will open an email from an unknown company or receive it.
No one will open your letters, and this has a bad effect on the reputation of the sender, which is very important in the digital age. If an IP address has a bad sender reputation, ISPs may filter emails from that IP address as spam.

Better to have Double opt-in for your subscriptions.


3. Hygiene of your subscriber base. Cleaning up your email contact lists can be a good way to make sure you're sending emails to active users. It is necessary to delete all non-existent addresses. Read about how to work with the subscriber base in our articles on our blog. 


4 Set up SPF and DKIM.  Your Sender Policy Framework (SPF) ensures that the IP address used can send emails on behalf of the domain. Domain Key Identification Email (DKIM) ensures that the emails you send have not been modified in the process of being sent (it's a perilous journey).

Read our article on how to do it on our blog. 


5. Segment. The biggest reason our clients experience deliverability issues is that they keep sending emails to everyone.

The solution to the problem is to segment the base by active recipients - these are people who opened letters during the last 90 days (or within 180 days). This recommendation usually solves many deliverability problems.


6. Don't hide the unsubscribe button. Make the unsubscribe button as accessible as possible. Its absence or poor visibility makes people complain about SPAM since they have no other choice.


Delivery can be a difficult and frustrating thing. But the more you learn the ins and outs of email marketing, the more you realize how important it is to actually optimize your email campaign.


The road to great deliverability can be long, confusing, and winding, but these tips will help you navigate your way to sending great email campaigns that will land in your inbox.


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