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How to connect Mailgun to Warmy?
Aleksei Puhachov
by Aleksei Puhachov
How to connect Mailgun to Warmy?

Mastering the Integration: A Comprehensive Guide to Linking Mailgun with Warmy


Are you curious about how to integrate your Mailgun with Warmy? 


It can be confusing at first when you're trying to connect these two services. This blog post will explain the process, giving you step-by-step instructions. 


You'll learn what each platform offers and how they interact with each other so you can maximize their potential by warming up your emails in the most efficient way possible.


Ready to get started? Then let’s jump in!





SMTP address & password


Once you are logged into your MailGun account, go to Sending > Domain settings > SMTP Credentials TAB.

Select the desired domain and create a Sender 


mailgun SMTP


After creating the Sender, a pop-up notification with the password will appear. Copy it


mailgun SMTP


Use the copied password and email address to connect to the warm-up







Private key (important and recommended)


It is very important to specify the private key when connecting so that the warm-up system can work correctly and without interruptions


Go to the MailGun cabinet, to the profile section




Select the API keys section


mailgun API


On the API security page, find the Private API key and copy it 


Select the API keys section


And paste key into the connection form


mailgun API







Since MailGun has no IMAP server, you can use any other mailbox that can receive emails.


In our example we use Gmail


mailgun IMAP


For example, if you are using google or outlook server, then you  need  to  specify  or  in  IMAP host field. If you are using a custom server, then the IMAP host will match your domain.


In the IMAP port field, if you are using a secure port (for example, port 993). If you are using an unsecured port (for example, port 143)




 If you have done everything correctly, the Connection Form should look like this: 


mailgun IMAP



🔹 Congratulations – you've now successfully connected Mailgun to Warmy. 


No matter what size business you're running or which market you're in, being able to quickly and effectively manage and automate your email campaigns has never been more important. 


With Warmy integrated with Mailgun, you can effortlessly warm up email and improve your email deliverability. 


Now that you know how to link Mailgun to Warmy, it's time for you to start enjoying the many benefits that come from having a powerful email marketing solution at your fingertips. 


And if questions ever arise along the way, don't hesitate to reach out for help – our friendly staff is always on hand to answer any inquiries.


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