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How to configure ZOHO Mail | Complete guide
Aleksei Puhachov
by Aleksei Puhachov
How to configure ZOHO Mail | Complete guide

In-depth Tutorial on How to Set Up and Configure ZOHO Mail on A Complete Guide


Zoho Mail is a great bulk email service provider because of its advanced capabilities and scalability, making it ideal for businesses that need to send large volumes of emails in a short period of time. It offers a powerful set of tools for sending Zoho bulk emails.


If your Zoho emails are getting spammed, learn how to warm up your Zoho email account and improve the deliverability of your Zoho cold emails.


With our easy guide, we'll walk you through every step of configuring ZOHO with in no time, helping you ensure that all your marketing campaigns are tailored correctly for success. 


So read on for a full rundown of what's involved and get ready to increase engagement — it's about to get easier than ever before!



What is ZOHO Mail?


ZOHO Mail is an email hosting service provided by ZOHO Corporation, a global cloud software company that offers a comprehensive suite of productivity and collaboration tools. 


Specifically designed for small businesses, it provides an intuitive web-based platform for managing emails, contacts, and calendars in one convenient location. It allows users to customize their environment with custom domains, custom templates and branding options.


ZOHO Mail also features powerful security protocols such as SSL/TLS encryption and authentication to ensure data privacy and integrity.


Additionally, it offers integration with popular applications like Gmail, Microsoft Office 365, and Outlook that makes it easy to manage multiple accounts from one place. It is a reliable solution for those who need an efficient way to stay connected while on the go or working remotely.


It also includes additional features such as task management, anti-spam protection, address book synchronization, mail delegation control capabilities and more. 


You can also create mailing lists with Zoho Mail, which is very easy and convenient. Mailing lists can be created either with Zoho Sheets/MS Excel or with Zoho Forms.


Zoho Mail is suitable for bulk emails or cold emails, you just need to set up your account properly and take care of warming it up with Warmy.



Complete guide on how to connect ZOHO Mail to





In order to enable your Zoho mailbox, you first need to enable IMAP access in your account.
To do this, go to your mailbox, in the settings menu



zoho cold email


Go to the "Mail accounts" tab, select your mailbox you want to connect, find the IMAP section, and grant access.


zoho bulk email





Next, you will need to generate an application password that you will use to connect your mailbox to Warmy.
To do this, first, click on your profile icon


zoho mailing list


Go to the My Account

zoho mailing list


Select the Security section, the App Password subsection and click on Generate Application Password


zoho bulk email


Enter the name of your application password


zoho bulk email


It's done. Password created


zoho bulk email





You can now connect your mailbox to Warmy with your newly created app password


zoho cold email



🔹 Conclusion:


By following the steps in this guide, you will have your Zoho Mail account set up and ready to use in no time.


If you encounter any difficulties or have any questions along the way, our team of experts at is always happy to help. 


With years of experience helping businesses with their digital needs, we can configure your ZOHO Mail account for optimal productivity. 


Contact us today to learn more about how we can help streamline your business communications.