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How to configure Sendinblue? |
Aleksei Puhachov
by Aleksei Puhachov
How to configure Sendinblue? |

A Comprehensive Guide to Setting Up and Configuring Sendinblue on


Are you looking for an easy way to configure Sendinblue, the ultimate in email marketing solutions? 


If so, then you’ve come to the right place — with our easy-to-follow guide and, setting up your Sendinblue campaigns can be done quickly and easily! 


Let's get started!


What is Sendinblue?


Sendinblue is a powerful, all-in-one marketing, sales, and customer relationship management (CRM) platform used by businesses of all sizes. 


It provides businesses with tools to send emails, SMS messages, and surveys, create landing pages and forms, build dynamic contact lists, create automated marketing campaigns and track the performance of their campaigns in real-time. You can also use Sendinblue for cold email and bulk email campaigns. 


Finally, Sendinblue helps boost efficiency by automating mundane tasks so marketers can focus on more creative activities like designing eye-catching email templates or crafting compelling copy for ads.


If your Sendinblue emails going to spam you need to warm up your email through email deliverability services like It helps you to improve Sendiblue deliverability.



How to configure Sendinblue?


Step 1:


In the "Email address" field, enter the email address that you have connected in "Senders" on SendinBlue


sendinblue cold email


How to configure Sendinblue2



Step 2:


In the "Email password" field, enter the password for your email. Important! if you use an email provider, then generate and use an App password. Example with Google WorkSpace mail:


sendinblue emails going to spam


How to configure Sendinblue_3



Step 3:


Go to SendinBlue website > Settings > Your Senders and Domains


sendinblue emails going to spam


Next, go to SendinBlue SMTP & API > SMTP TAB > CREATE A NEW SendinBlue SMTP KEY


sendinblue smtp server settings


Create your SendinBlue SMTP key, copy it, and paste it into the SMTP password field


Sendinblue SMTP


sendinblue smtp server



Step 4:


In the SendinBlue SMTP username, SMTP host, and SMTP port fields, enter the data specified in SendinBlue


sendinblue deliverability


sendinblue smtp server settings



Step 5:


If you use an email provider, check if your IMAP host is correct. Since we are using Google WorkSpace, we enter


imap gmail




If you filled out everything, then your mailbox connection form should look like this:


sendinblue deliverability



It remains only to click on the "Connect" button and voila! Done, your mailbox is successfully connected and has started warming up🔥


sendinblue emails going to spam



You've now seen how to configure Sendinblue, and some of the potential issues that can arise.


If you have any questions or need help, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team at We're always happy to help!