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How to build a subscriber base? 17 ways.
Inna Sabada
by Inna Sabada
How to build a subscriber base? 17 ways.

Building a Robust Subscriber Base: 17 Proven Strategies to Grow and Engage Your Email Audience Effectively


If you want to promote your business or website, building an engaged subscriber base is essential. 


No matter what kind of work you do – whether you’re a writer, marketer, freelancer, or entrepreneur – having subscribers is the foundation for a successful online presence. But how can you build and grow that all-important list? 


This post has the answers; 17 proven strategies to help increase your subscriber numbers quickly and sustainably. Keep reading to find out all the tips and tricks on creating a solid email marketing strategy and growing your subscribers from scratch.



How to build a subscriber base


1. Directly site or blog.
Landing page specially made for this. A landing page is a standalone web page that has one call to action to achieve higher conversions. In email marketing, landing pages are most often used for lead generation.


2. Social networks.
Some social media platforms (such as Facebook or LinkedIn) have ads to collect personal data that are ideal for engaging users. You can also use banners or short videos in which you talk about your company or the benefits of subscribing to your newsletter.


3. YouTube.
Surprisingly, once made and correctly designed video can bring you, subscribers and buyers, for a very long time.


4. Pop-up.
This is very annoying for many, but the conversion to subscribers in the pop-up window is much more than just the subscription form.


5. Pop-up windows for collecting exit traffic.
These windows appear when the user is about to close a tab in the browser. Typically, these pop-up forms try to keep the user on the site.


6. Hello Bar.
This is such a colorful stripe at the top of the site, which is not as aggressive and intrusive as the pop-up window.


7. Bonuses.
We offer discounts and coupons in exchange for an email address.


8. Subscription during checkout.
There is an email field in almost every checkout form. The email address is needed to send transactional emails: payment notification, shipping, and shipping information.


9. Online chat.
You can collect email through the online chat on the site. We just add a field there, in which you need to enter the email.


10. Lead magnet.
A lead magnet is something valuable to your target audience that you offer in exchange for their contact information. The purpose of a lead magnet is to encourage subscriptions and maximize the number of targeted users who subscribe via a web form.


11. Prize drawing.
Invite subscribers to leave an address to participate in the drawing. The prizes can be different: books, company products or a romantic trip abroad.


12. Collecting addresses offline.
You can also collect a database outside the Internet. This is usually done at thematic events: conferences, exhibitions, or trainings.


13. Link in the presentation.
If you often give presentations, insert a link or QR code into them with a link to the presentation materials. Ask the user for an email to download the files.


14. Guest posts.
We choose a popular blog on a similar topic, which is visited by potential subscribers. We write to the editor and suggest placing a guest post. Blog readers may be interested in the article and they will go to your resource.


15. Affiliate mailings.
Agree on mutual advertising on sites with similar topics. It is always mutually beneficial.


16. Webinar.
A webinar, also known as an online seminar, web conference, and online meeting, is a great opportunity to attract contacts to your base. The idea is simple: you offer valuable information to everyone who subscribes to the newsletter.


17. Loyalty programs in stores.
If your store has physical branches, you can collect email directly at the checkout. Offer subscribers a club or discount card in exchange for contact information.



🔹 As you can see, there are many ways to build up a strong and diverse subscriber base. 


It’s important to remember that consistency is key, no matter what approach you choose to use. 


Keep in mind that experimenting with different approaches is perfectly fine—just keep track of your progress and determine which works best for you! Building a list of subscribers takes time, effort and commitment, but with the right strategies in place, it can make all the difference for the success of your business. 


Just focus on creating coherent content that will make your viewers want to come back for more! With dedication and perseverance, you can surely take your business to new heights.



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