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Email Warm Up Tool - The Best Solution to Get Your Email to Inbox
Inna Sabada
by Inna Sabada
Email Warm Up Tool - The Best Solution to Get Your Email to Inbox

Email Warm-Up Tools: The Ultimate Solution for Ensuring Inbox Delivery


As email deliverability is getting more and more difficult these days, and for our emails to get through to the Inbox folder is a top priority for us, in this article we will tell you why it is so important to warm up your email.


Today, it's not enough to just send out a daily rate of emails.


To show email providers that you are an honest and legitimate sender, it is worth emitting the activity of a real user, namely:


- Sending and daily increase of email limit


- Large list of email addresses for interaction


- Receiving emails


- Reading emails


- Mark as important


- Replies to emails


- Removing emails from SPAM


- Communication of emails in a thread on one Topic


- Communication of emails in a thread in one Language


- Using snippets (personalization of emails)


By following all the above points, you will minimize the chances that your letters will end up in the SPAM folder and teach providers how to such as Google, Outlook, Yahoo, Zoho and many others that your emails should be placed in "Inbox".



What is an email warm up tool?


An email warm up tool is a software or service designed to help improve email deliverability by gradually increasing the reputation of a new email address or a previously inactive email address.


The concept behind email warm up is that when you start sending emails from a new or inactive email address, email providers such as Gmail, Yahoo, or Microsoft may view your emails as suspicious and potentially spammy, which can result in your emails getting sent to the recipient's spam folder or even blocked entirely.


To avoid this, email warm up service helps you gradually increase the volume of emails sent from your new or inactive email address over a period of time. This can help build trust and establish a positive reputation with email providers, ultimately leading to better email deliverability.


Email warm up services often offer features such as personalized scheduling, gradual increase of email volume, and email tracking and analysis. 



What is the best solution to warm up your new domain?


You may decide that you could do all this manually yourself, without resorting to automatic services.


And you will be right, but not everything is as simple as it might seem.


To manually warm up new domain, you will first need:


🔹 A circle of people, friends or colleagues who have emails with high engagement, a corporate domain, a good reputation and are ready to respond to your emails regularly.


🔹 If not, then a list of emails owned by you, with a good reputation, an outdated or corporate domain and different providers.


🔹 Make a plan for warming up the email following a linear growth curve. You can start 5-10 emails and add 15-20% daily.


🔹 You need to send emails gradually, but that's not all, you need to open this email, and reply to it. If the email got into spam, you need to get it out of there and mark it as important. The subject of the reply should match the subject of your email.


🔹 A lot, a lot of time.



Using email warm up tool like


email warm up service



As you can see, in order to email warm up manually, you need a lot of time and effort. In our opinion, it is better to invest your time in promoting your business, and leave the warm-up process to professionals.


Now let's talk about the benefits of an automatic email warm up tool like Warmy:


- You don't have to do anything, everything is automated


- Unique delivery control algorithms


- Efficient warm-up thanks to a huge network of highly reputable email addresses


- Automatic warm-up temperature increase


- Statistics and tests to track progress


- Increase and maintain deliverability even during email campaigns


- Fast and high-quality support



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Other than that, here are a few benefits of using the Email Warm up Service.


✅ Improved email deliverability: By gradually building a positive reputation with email providers, an email warm up tool can help ensure that your emails land in your recipients' inbox instead of their spam folder.


✅ Reduced risk of being marked as spam: When you start sending emails from a new or inactive email address, there is a higher risk of your emails being marked as spam. An email warm up tool can help you avoid this by gradually increasing your email volume and following best practices.


✅ Increased open and click-through rates: By following best practices and sending relevant, engaging content to your recipients, an email warm up tool can help increase your open and click-through rates.


✅ Better sender reputation: A positive sender reputation is essential for email deliverability. By following best practices and gradually building a positive reputation, an email warm up tool can help establish you as a trusted sender.


✅ Time-saving: An email warm up tool can automate the process of gradually increasing your email volume, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your email marketing campaign.



Overall, an email warm up tool can help improve the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns and ensure that your emails are delivered to your intended recipients.


So, we looked at both options for warming up and increasing deliverability, and I hope we helped you understand the issue and make a choice that suits you best.



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