Email Signature. How to do it? 
Inna Sabada
by Inna Sabada
Email Signature. How to do it? 

Good email signatures help us grow our business and make a good first impression on our clients.


And since this is the last element people see in emails, we need to make the signatures creative and memorable.


On average, a user sends almost 200 business emails per week. E-mail is not only a medium of information in text form but also a medium of marketing content, in which graphics play an important role.


The email signature is at the center of this strategy. In most cases, in addition to the mandatory information about the company and the sender, it also contains other elements such as banners, information about upcoming events, social media buttons, etc. Thus, in general, this is typical for corporate identity.


"Respectfully, First Name Last Name." This is how we used to say goodbye to subscribers. Now a beautiful signature is an increase in conversion.


Typically, the signature is placed at the end of the email.


Let's look at the main elements of a signature:


1. First name, last name. Communication with an anonymous person is somewhat alarming.
2. The name of the company where the sender works and his position. The official part is relevant here.
3. Company logo or manager's photo. Increase awareness and trust.
4. Contact details (phone number, postal address, website, etc.). Feedback is important for the image and customer care.
5. Links to social networks. Another form of communication and knowledge of the brand from the inside.


Why is the correct signature so important for business?


Signing a letter will help you:


- Competently complete your email.
- Provide means of communication.
- Get closer to the person and encourage communication.
 - Make sales more personalized.
- Create a feeling of communication with a living person.
- Increase presentability and trust.
- Attract new customers: use social media icons and interested recipients will definitely subscribe to your pages.
- Create a positive image of the company.