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Does cold email marketing still work in 2022?
Inna Sabada
by Inna Sabada
Does cold email marketing still work in 2022?

Assessing the Efficacy of Cold Email Marketing: Is It Still a Viable Strategy for Businesses in 2022?


We often come across the question of whether cold mailings still work or is it a relic of the past and if it’s not worth wasting time on it.


The answer to this question is simple - it all depends on HOW you do cold emails. It is on your professionalism in this area that the effectiveness of cold marketing will depend.

If you follow the plan and don't make mistakes, this channel can be an effective way to attract new customers.


Cold mailing is sending emails to people who are not yet familiar with a company or brand. Distinctive feature: users do not give consent to receive cold mailing emails.


Cold emails have several advantages:

- this is a quick and inexpensive way to expand your customer base;

- works the same as cold calls, but is not as annoying;

- increase your brand awareness;

- etc.


There are rules, if followed, that this strategy will work, let's talk about it.


1. Make a portrait of the target audience according to several parameters:

- who is your recipient: business area, position;

- why should he agree to your proposal;

- What problems can you solve?

- what objections may arise;

Based on this information, work out the semantic blocks that need to be included in the email: offer, product benefits, use cases, and terms of cooperation.


2. The second thing to pay attention to is the subject of the email. This is the first thing the recipient sees and what will be written there, he will either open your email or delete it or mark it as Spam.

We have a very detailed article on how to write the subject of an email.


IMPORTANT: do not deceive people, do not write a topic that will not match the content. This will not bring results and you will become a regular spammer.


3. Email content.

Write short, to the point. Structure your email. Put yourself in the place of the recipient of the email and offer him solutions to his problems.


4. Design. Don't use too many different colors, or fonts, and don't include links or pictures.


5. Mandatory at the end of the email Call to action.


IMPORTANT: 1 email  - 1 Call to action. Do not confuse the recipient, offer one thing.


6. Address by name, indicate the name of the company or the position of the person. Personalization increases the open rate of emails.


7. Evaluate the results.

Do not forget to analyze the results, do not be afraid to experiment and change everything necessary. You need to be creative in this process, and we are confident that this will bring results.


Watch our video - How to write a cold email? 2022