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6 Ways to Increase Sales with Email Marketing
Inna Sabada
by Inna Sabada
6 Ways to Increase Sales with Email Marketing

6 Proven Strategies to Amplify Sales through Email Marketing: A Comprehensive Guide to Crafting Campaigns that Engage, Convert, and Drive Revenue Growth


If you’re looking to boost your sales and grow your business, email marketing is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal. Not only is it affordable and customizable for any type of business, but its potential reach makes it an invaluable asset. 


In this blog post, we’ll be discussing six ways you can use email marketing to increase sales and maximize ROI with minimal effort. 


From optimizing messages for specific customers to using creative visuals that stand out in a crowded space — get ready to revolutionize how you market with these simple strategies!



1. Develop an abandoned cart strategy


According to the results of various eCommerce studies, on average, 70-80% of visitors to an online store abandon goods in the cart. And these are people who were interested in your products.


There are many reasons why customers might abandon their purchases and leave at the last step, but a simple abandoned cart email can bring back a pretty significant portion of users.


Remember that about 40% of buyers make a purchase decision in the first 3 hours, so the letter should be sent within 30-60 minutes after the visitor left the site, while his interest in the selected products is relevant.


To automatically send cart abandoner reminders, you can set up a script like this:


- 2 hours after the event, a reminder email is automatically sent to the client, after which the system waits for a day and checks the basket again;


- if the transaction is completed, then the script stops, if not, the user receives a web push reminder;


- the next check of the basket is carried out by the system after three days, and if the transaction is still not closed, it sends a Viber message with a discount on the goods in the basket;



2. Goods from the wish-list


If your site can send products to the wish list, then the trigger for automatic mailing can be the appearance of a product from the list in stock or a discount on it.


Immediately after the selected event, a letter is sent to the user, and if a purchase is not made in a day, an additional push notification is sent.



3. Use an e-mail channel for Cross-sell and Upsell


Cross-sell is a marketing technique to increase the amount of a check by selling related products. For example, if a client is interested in shoes, he is offered to buy shoe care products.


Upsell - selling a more expensive analog of a product. Let's say. If a client is interested in budget models of smartphones, they advertise elite ones.


To use these techniques in email marketing, use product recommendation blocks in your emails. Moreover, they can be substituted automatically.


Integrate Cross Sell and Up Sell efforts into your emails to drive additional purchases now and generate interest for the future.



4. Segment your subscriber base


A very, very important point that should not be ignored. We will not repeat ourselves, there are already many articles on this topic in our blog, read:

1. "Customer segmentation. Options"

2. "Tools for segmenting the customer base"



5. Optimize email sending time


Research shows that there is always a best time and day to send emails depending on your goals.


For each area of ​​business, the best time may differ, you need to do an analysis, but there are of course general recommendations:

1. Do not mail out on weekends (depending on the industry).

2. Consulting, marketing, and advertising. Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday are preferred for mailing. By time: from 11:00 to 16:00.


3.Entertainment, self-education. The best times are Friday evenings and weekends.

4. Online shopping. According to statistics, the most openings in B2C happen on Friday.

5. B2B. Good to do on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. Letters for Entrepreneurs give good openings and transitions on weekends.


To find the best time and day to send it out, you need to do a lot of testing.



6. Work with customers who have already made purchases in your store


Research results show that a potential customer buys with a probability of 5%-20%, while the chances of repeat success with someone who bought before is 60-70%. That is why it is so important to prevent the loss of existing customers.


Set up a trigger for users who haven't opened your emails or bought anything from you for a long time (usually 6 months). It should contain an incentive to renew engagement with the brand. For example, discount promo codes or other special offers.



🔹 Email marketing is an effective way to capture the attention of potential customers and drive sales. Done right, email marketing can help you reach a wide audience, build relationships quickly and cost-effectively, automate your marketing process and track performance.


To maximize the success of your email marketing efforts, use personalization techniques to make sure your emails are impactful and relevant. Segment your lists in order to create strong relationships with loyal customers while focusing on converting new customers at the same time. Take advantage of automated drip campaigns to ensure messages are timely, informative and worthwhile for leads throughout their journey. Use clear calls-to-action that draw your readers in and move them down the sales funnel towards making a purchase.


Lastly, analyze the performance data from each campaign in order to optimize in accordance with user behavior and increase overall sales from email. By leveraging these simple yet powerful tactics strategically into your email marketing approach, you'll be able to kickstart profits with efficiency and effectiveness.



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