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5 Best email deliverability tools in 2022
Inna Sabada
by Inna Sabada
5 Best email deliverability tools in 2022

An In-depth Analysis of the Top 5 Email Deliverability Tools of 2022: Features, Comparisons, and Why They Stand Out in the Market


The Spam folder is a nightmare for any marketer. Email providers are making the process of delivering emails more and more difficult, so finding a really good tool is quite difficult.


Running an email campaign without proper email preparation can damage your reputation and email deliverability.


To avoid the risk of your domain being blacklisted, you need to use tools that help your emails get into your inbox.


Warming up your email and domain before sending out a marketing campaign is one effective way to prevent your emails from ending up in spam folders. The warm-up process helps you gradually send an email and build your reputation as a sender. You can do this process manually, but it takes 1 to 3 months for the email to warm up.


An automated email preparation process will save you a lot of time and effort.


Let's take a look at 5 tools to warm up email and increase email deliverability.


1. Warmy


Warmy is a powerful tool for warming up your IP, domain, and email. Warmy automatically warms up your email to maximize the deliverability. Just connect your inbox to Warmy, its artificial intelligence technology will start interacting with real people and gradually warm up your email.


Warmy is trusted by over 2,500 companies, including Jant Pharmaceutical Corporation, BiTWide, pathrise, infotelligent, and more. Warmy is the perfect warm-up tool for email marketers, freelancers, sales professionals, and entrepreneurs.


Works well with Gmail, Google Workspace, Outlook, SMTP, Microsoft 365, Zoho, Yahoo, Sendgrid, AWS, mailgun, iCloud, AOL mail, Yandex, GMX, Sendinblue, Roundcube, Elastic Email,, and more.


The best features of


- Quick and easy setup;

- Compatibility with the main supplier of ESP;

- Clear and transparent process;

- Automatically warm-up mail;

- Interact with mailboxes of real people;

- Make sure you get the highest email deliverability;

- Chat support;

- Auto archive;

- Deliverability academy;

- Choose warm-up language;

- Add your own template;

- Choose warm up topic;


2. Warmup Inbox.


Warmup Inbox automatically increases your reputation for sending emails through a network of inboxes that communicate with each other. Cold emails no longer end up in spam!


Warmup Inbox Best Features:


- Integration with Gmail, Outlook;

- SMTP integration;

- Inbox status indicators;

- Complete Sender Control;

- Blacklist monitoring;

- Chat support;

- Inbox reporting;


3. Folderly


Folderly is an all-in-one email delivery platform to improve the performance of your email. Find, fix, and prevent email delivery pitfalls and make sure your emails end up in your inbox. Losing your emails to spam folders ultimately leads to budget issues and missed connection opportunities.


Folderly seamlessly integrates with popular email providers such as GSuite, AWS, Outlook, Yahoo, Office 365, Zoho, Gmail, GoDaddy, iCloud, SendGrid, ProtonMail, mailgun, and more.


The best features of Folderly:


- Set up Folderly in less than a minute;

- Daily warm-up report;

- Monitor the placement of incoming messages;

- Uses a preliminary warm-up email algorithm;

- Created GPT-3 templates;

- Powerful and efficient warm-up tool.


4. Lemwarm by Lemlist


Lemwarm is Lemlist product that helps you automatically warm up your email and domain. Use Lemwarm to say goodbye to spam.


The best features of Lemwarm:


- Quick setup;

- Fully automated;

- Has a huge network of over 20, 000 active mailboxes;

- Just connect to ESP;

- Gradually warm up your email domain.


5. GMass


GMass is a plugin for Gmail that allows you to send marketing and automated emails directly from your Gmail account.


GMass is a completely free tool that offers various other solutions such as bulk emails, mail merge and scheduling options, email verification, IP verification and blacklisting, and more.


Best features:


1. Just download the extension for Chrome;

2. Automatic determination of the daily volume to be sent;

3. Automatic cleaning of the Inbox;

4. Sets a higher send limit depending on the email account;

5. Ability to enable the warm-up option;