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10 types of AMP technologies: make your email effective
Inna Sabada
by Inna Sabada
10 types of AMP technologies: make your email effective

10 Cutting-Edge AMP Technologies: Elevate Your Email Campaigns for Maximum Effectiveness


Did you know that 94% of email recipients decide whether or not to open an email within the first three seconds? In today’s digitally connected world, making a great impression is essential for any business. 


One key way to increase the effectiveness of your emails and make sure they get opened, read, and acted upon is through AMP technologies. But what are AMP technologies and how can using them help you make your communication more effective? 


Read on to discover 10 types of AMP technologies that can revolutionize how you approach emails as part of your marketing strategy.



What is AMP and how to apply it in email marketing?


AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is an open-source technology designed to enhance the speed and performance of web pages on mobile devices. AMP technology is based on a simplified version of HTML, which prioritizes fast loading times and streamlined content.


When it comes to email marketing, AMP technology can help you create more interactive and engaging emails that are optimized for mobile devices. Here's how to apply AMP in email marketing:


✅ Use AMP HTML in your emails - To use AMP in your emails, you'll need to include AMP HTML code in your email templates. AMP HTML is similar to regular HTML, but with some additional tags and rules that enable AMP functionality.


✅ Choose the right AMP components - AMP components are pre-built HTML and JavaScript elements that add specific functionality to your emails, such as forms, carousels, and countdown timers. Choose the components that best fit your email goals and audience preferences.


✅ Test and optimize - As with any email marketing campaign, it's essential to test and optimize your AMP emails to ensure they are effective and engaging. Test different components, layouts, and messaging to find what works best for your audience.


✅ Be mindful of email clients - Not all email clients support AMP technology, so it's essential to test your AMP emails in different email clients and devices to ensure they display properly for all your subscribers.


✅ Follow best practices - As with any email marketing campaign, it's essential to follow best practices, such as segmenting your email list, crafting compelling subject lines, and providing valuable content to your subscribers.



10 types of AMP technologies


1. AMP for Email Forms


AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) technology offers several benefits for email marketing, including the ability to create interactive and engaging email forms that work seamlessly on mobile devices. Here's how to use AMP for email forms:


Use the AMP-form component - The AMP-form component is a pre-built HTML and JavaScript element that enables form functionality in AMP emails. You can use the AMP-form component to create various types of forms, including contact forms, sign-up forms, and survey forms.


Build your form - Build your form using AMP HTML and include the AMP-form component. You can use standard HTML form elements like input, select, and textarea to create your form fields.


Add validation rules - AMP-forms provide several built-in validation rules that help you ensure that the data submitted by users is accurate and complete. You can use AMP's built-in validation rules or create your own custom validation rules.


Submit your form - When a user submits your form, AMP sends a POST request to the specified action URL, which can be a server-side script or API. You can use this data to process the form submission and send a confirmation message to the user.


Test your form - Test your form in different email clients and devices to ensure that it displays correctly and functions as expected.



2. AMP for Email Carousels


AMP-powered carousels allow you to display multiple images or products in a single email, without requiring the user to click through to a separate webpage.


AMP for Email Carousels is a cutting-edge development in email marketing that brings dynamic and interactive content to email campaigns. 


By incorporating carousels into email campaigns, marketers are able to showcase multiple products, promotions, or services within a single email. This enables them to engage and inform their audience more effectively while also providing a more visually appealing message.


The benefits of using AMP for Email carousels are numerous. 


Firstly, they increase engagement rates and click-through rates, as the dynamic content and interactive features capture the attention of the audience. 


Secondly, carousels enable marketers to showcase more content within one email, which saves time and creates more efficient email campaigns. 


Thirdly, AMP for Email carousels open up a world of possibilities for creativity and unique design, as marketers can create more engaging and inspiring emails.



3. AMP for Email Countdown Timers


AMP for Email Countdown Timers is an innovative solution that empowers marketers to create engaging email campaigns by embedding a countdown timer within their email content. This feature allows recipients to experience a sense of urgency that increases the chances of conversion.


With the help of AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) technology, countdown timers can be designed and deployed within emails seamlessly. The use of AMP eliminates the need for external servers or additional code, providing a faster, more reliable and secure experience.


Countdown timers are versatile tools that can be utilized in multiple ways, such as promoting upcoming sale events, product launches or creating urgency for limited time offers. The feature can also be customized with different visual styles, fonts, and color schemes to match the brand's identity.


Moreover, AMP for Email Countdown Timers also provides valuable metrics that help marketers measure engagement and optimize their campaigns. Metrics such as email open rate, click-through rate, and conversion rate are all tracked, providing valuable insights about the effectiveness of the email campaigns.



4. AMP for Email Accordion Menus


AMP for email accordion menus is a highly beneficial tool that can be implemented to improve the overall user experience of email marketing campaigns. This dynamic feature makes it possible for email recipients to interact with email content in a more engaging way by allowing them to expand and collapse different sections of the email based on their interests.


With AMP for email accordion menus, a single email can contain multiple topics or sections, each of which can be expanded or collapsed independently. This not only makes the email more engaging and user-friendly, but also increases the likelihood of recipients engaging with the content and taking action.


Another key advantage of using AMP for email accordion menus is that it helps to streamline email content, making it easier for recipients to navigate through the email and find the information they need. 


In terms of technical implementation, using AMP for email accordion menus is a straightforward process that involves adding a few lines of code and styling the accordion element to match the overall branding of the email campaign. Once implemented, this dynamic feature can greatly enhance the overall effectiveness of an email marketing campaign.



5. AMP for Email Interactive Images


Interactive images in AMP for Email allow for a more immersive email experience, enabling users to engage with the content in a way that was previously not possible. With features such as hover-over effects, zooming, and sliding image carousels, businesses can showcase their products and services in a more captivating and interactive way.


One of the key advantages of AMP for Email with interactive images is the ability to include dynamic content that can be updated in real-time. This means that if a customer is viewing an email with an interactive image, they will be able to see the latest information and pricing without having to click through to the website. This functionality allows for a more seamless and efficient user experience, which can drive higher customer satisfaction and conversion rates.



6. AMP for Email Product Listings


AMP for Email Product Listings is a feature of AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) technology that allows you to showcase multiple products within a single email, allowing subscribers to browse and purchase directly from the email. This feature enables eCommerce businesses to create interactive and engaging email experiences that increase conversions and sales.


To use AMP for Email Product Listings, you can use the AMP-list component, which is a pre-built HTML and JavaScript element that enables product listing functionality in AMP emails. You can include product images, descriptions, prices, and other relevant information in your email product listing.


AMP for Email Product Listings allows users to browse through products and add items to their shopping carts without leaving the email. This feature also enables businesses to track email conversions and optimize their email marketing campaigns for higher sales and revenue.



7. AMP for Email Confirmation Messages


By using AMP for email confirmations, businesses can take advantage of a wide range of features that go far beyond the capabilities of traditional email. These features include the ability to integrate interactive widgets, such as calendars and forms, directly within the email message itself. Additionally, AMP-powered emails can incorporate real-time content updates, allowing users to stay up-to-date on critical information without ever having to leave their inbox.


Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of AMP for email confirmations, however, is its ability to optimize email engagement rates. By providing users with a more immersive and engaging email experience, businesses can effectively reduce email churn rates and increase customer retention. Moreover, AMP-powered emails can significantly reduce the time it takes for users to complete critical actions, such as confirming their email or signing up for a service.



8. AMP for Email Video Content


One of the most exciting features of AMP for Email is its ability to support video content within emails. This means that businesses and marketers can now embed video content directly within their emails, allowing recipients to watch videos without having to leave their inbox.


There are a number of benefits to using video content within emails, including increased engagement rates, improved click-through rates, and enhanced brand awareness. Video content is known to be much more engaging than static text or images, and can help to capture the viewer's attention and hold it for longer periods of time.



9. AMP for Email Social Media Integration


By combining AMP for email and social media, businesses can create highly personalized and engaging email campaigns that include social media elements such as embedded videos, social sharing buttons, and live social media feeds. This integration also facilitates cross-promotion, allowing businesses to drive traffic to their social media channels and promote their email campaigns simultaneously.


Furthermore, AMP for email and social media integration offers the potential for real-time engagement with customers. Email campaigns can be designed to display real-time data and dynamically update content as events unfold on social media. This enables businesses to respond to customer inquiries more quickly and effectively, strengthening customer relationships and building brand loyalty.



10. AMP for Email Dynamic Content


Dynamic content is an essential aspect of AMP for email. This technology allows email marketers to create emails that are tailored to the individual preferences of each subscriber. 


With dynamic content, marketers can display different content to different subscribers based on their interests, location, or behavior. For example, an e-commerce retailer could use dynamic content to display product recommendations based on the subscriber's previous purchases or browsing history.



🔹 Overall, AMP technologies can be an invaluable resource when it comes to creating effective emails. Not only do they improve speed and usability, but they also enhance overall user experience. 


With ten AMP technology types at our disposal, we have the power to create strategies that enable engaging and memorable email experiences for our customers. Furthermore, modern technologies like context-driven personalization and behavior triggered emails are revolutionizing the email marketing landscape. 


These tools provide us with more information than ever before on how to craft highly optimized marketing messages that really resonate with our customers. By experimenting with new approaches and leveraging the latest in AMP technology, email marketers will bring their campaigns to the next level of success in no time!



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