10 global errors in B2B marketing
Inna Sabada
by Inna Sabada
10 global errors in B2B marketing

1. Do not study your target audience

Many do not pay attention to the study of their audience. There are not many companies that clearly describe the segments of the target audience, typical characters have been worked out, and the clients of the client and the funnel of sales are built under them.


This is a very important question that needs to be worked out in every detail, the more you describe all the segments, the more successful your marketing campaign will be. Most describe their customers in general terms in the format of “construction companies” or “IT directors”. They do not analyze the current client base, do not conduct surveys or research, and do not analyze competitors' customers.


2. There is no clearly worked out USP (Unique Selling Proposition)

This is due to the previous problem. If we do not know who we are creating a product and for whom our company is functioning, then we will not be able to develop the positioning or come up with a strong USP.


USP is one of the most important tools for advertising communication. Calting on success without them is a little strange.


3. Non-study of the market

Not all players of B2B markets can name at least the approximate number of their customers. No research is conducted, as the market lives, companies do not know. They respond to changes in the market after they have occurred.


The right approach is to study how many customers of all customers are in the market, how many of them are our potential customers, how much we can make fun of the company at our level of development, and how many of them are already in your database, how much we earn and how much we can earn, based on this information.


4. Ignorance of competitors

This is one of the most common problems. No one wants to pay attention to this not simple work. At most, this is just knowing who is your competitors and sometimes the study of their posts on social networks, all the work in this direction ends on this.

It is ideal to do a competitive analysis not only at the very beginning but also every year. If you do not carry it out, then you will skip the new product output to the market, do not learn about communication channels and marketing activities that you can use, and you will not know how to take away your competitors from your customers.


5. Finances are not calculated

One of the tasks of marketing is the miscalculation of financial indicators of its effectiveness. But a situation is common when companies do not understand how much it is necessary to sell and at what price to get profit. The main question is how advertising and all the activities of the company pay off. To answer, you need to make scenario forecasts, and conduct sales analytics (which is sold and what is not) and profit (what profit was received and which - was missed).


6. No analytics

Not seeing the numbers and coordinates where we are now, will be problematic to get to where we need.


It is important to understand the marketer, based on the statistics obtained, which of the tools are used to bring the best result, the topics are most interesting to the audience, the headlines of the articles are attractive, and the pages of the site are the most visited and from which social networks the company receives a larger number of leads.


Without data analysis, you can spend a significant part of the budget on those tools that do not work.


7. Work in a company without CRM


If your company has more than 20 customers, it is over 1 year old and there is no CRM in it - this is not a very good sign. It means that the leadership as a whole does not particularly monitor sales processes and does not monitor the effectiveness of each sail.


8. Do not use e-mail marketing


This method of maintaining communication with customers is very effective. The mailing list can give the desired results in compliance with the rules for developing writing and a clear understanding of the interests and needs of the target audience.


9. Lack of blog


It is erroneous to believe that the blog for B2B is irrelevant. Expert opinion of authoritative persons is interesting for a wide audience. With the help of regular content of content, you can increase the site rating in search engines and attract more customers.


10. Ignoring visual content


Various images contribute to a better perception of the text. Effectively use photographs, pictures, and infographics in articles and e-mails.


Video content is gaining more and more popularity. The videos can be on various topics, for example, a description of the service or product (with the designation of the USP), customer reviews, as well as videos from industry events.