Learning, Automated Decision Making, Maximum Deliverability


At Warmy we understand that warming up a mailbox is a super important and a very delicate process. Pace and precision are key to successfully prepare the mailbox for effective email marketing. Because of this we take warming up ten steps further.

Each mailbox generates a huge amount of data that can be translated to hundreds of parameters. We pick the key parameters and constantly analyse them, and feed them to our decision making engine “Adeline”.

Adeline decides for each and every mailbox what is the optimal warm up schedule and plan.
Making 20 million decisions a day could be a bit frustrating for a human being 😉.

Improving every day by analysing and learning from each mailbox for the same mailbox is one thing. Analysing and improving by learning from the “crowd” of all the mailboxes for every mailbox is completely another level. Adeline watches the entire collection of mailboxes in Warmy and applies new insights automatically to each mailbox. Now mailboxes really work together for the benefit of all.

Each mailbox is unique and each mailbox requires personalised care. Using the power of Artificial Intelligence, Warmy is able to provide tailor made treatment that gives maximum deliverability. Like no other.